3 Compelling Reasons Why Our Terrarium Workshop Enhances Team Bonding

teamwork and team building | Ecoponics Singapore | December, 2022

Terrarium Workshop Organized by Ecoponics Fosters Team Bonding! While most of us recognize terrarium making as an individual activity, we at Ecoponics have incorporated specialized team building elements into our terrarium workshops. Here are 3 compelling reasons of how our terrarium workshop fosters team bonding! Communication Skills Participants will form teams during the workshop and […]

This Terrarium Might Actually Outlive its Owner!

David Latimer’s Terrarium Source: http://nowiknow.com/davids-garden/ In the picture above is one of the longest surviving terrariums. It is made and designed by David Latimer who is a retired engineer. We might think that the plants in his terrarium are non-flowery but they are in fact flowery spiderworts – as shown in the picture below. Source: […]