Candle Making in Singapore

candle | Ecoponics Singapore | December, 2022

Light Up Your Team Building & Family Bonding Events With Ecoponics  Candle Making Workshops for Bringing People Closer Than Ever Candles are stunning for making any space cozy, comfortable, and warm. Besides illuminating a room without hiking your electricity bills, they are great for loosening up in the wake of a monotonous day. In any […]

Leather Making Workshop in Singapore

leather | Ecoponics Singapore | December, 2022

If you wonder what goes into making those beautiful leather goods you own, perhaps a leather making workshop will enlighten you! From cutting the perfect length of leather to sewing the pieces together and adding the finishing creative touches, our leathercrafting classes in Singapore will bring you on a journey of sophisticated craftsmanship. What you […]

Art Jamming in Singapore

art jamming 1 | Ecoponics Singapore | December, 2022

Art Jamming Sessions in Singapore by Ecoponics  Giving You a Platform to Get Creative With Your Team, Friends, or Family!  What is Art Jamming Ecoponics is a leading name in Singapore when it comes to introducing arts and crafts activities in family events, formal occasions, or any other programs where you want to create a […]