Terrarium Workshop at Trip Advisor

IMG 2187 | Ecoponics Singapore | June, 2024

Blended among the many skyscrapers in the cityscape, it was no simple task to locate our appointed venue. However, behind the walls of this conventional-looking building lies a dynamic group of Trip Advisor staff raring to create their very own terrariums. Despite the terrarium workshop spilling over into lunch time, this zealous group of hungry youths displayed their bountiful energy throughout the workshop. As they started building their miniature gardens, some went silent as they focused intently on their artwork, while others got involved discussions on whether they have added sufficient materials to their bottles.

From time to time, Eva’s laughter could be heard, followed by bursts of laughter from those around her. Her lively demeanor rubbed off on those around her, bringing joy to the atmosphere. On the other side of the table, there is Karen. Having previously attended a terrarium workshop, her terrarium served as a model to the other participants. By far, the two prominent individuals mentioned are females. However, it does not go to say that terrarium-building is an activity limited to girls. At the start of the workshop, Jimmy expressed that terrarium-making is not suitable for a man’s huge hands. However, with the help of chopsticks and spoons (and hard work), he completed his terrarium! To quote former U.S. Representative John Barrow, “If you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of.”



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