Ecoponics: 5 Quotes on the Importance of Going Green

Now, with ever rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and threats due to global warming (such as rising sea levels), its time for us to take action or risk irreversibility in adverse global climate changes.

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We should not take the world we live in for granted hence without further ado, let us study the words of important global political figures and icons on what they have to say about the importancce of going green.

Quote #1: We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to. – Terri Swearingen

Indeed, as consumers it is important that we be mindful about our purchasing habits and their impact on the environment. Blind consumption i.e. consumption will only lead to an increase in environmental pollution.

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Quote #2: The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it. – Barry Commoner

Ever since the turn of the 18th century, technological development has escalated at an exponential rate. We have now at our disposal, the power of electricity, steam engines, the world wide web of information, nuclear power and many various other forms of ground breaking technology that were practically non-existent a couple of decades ago. If we were to use said technology for the good of mankind, the world would be a much better place to thrive in.

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Quote #3: The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind.

What good does it do if we harness the best of science and technology, but fail to take good care of the environment we live in? Living in a hazardous environment filled with spews of toxic gases from industrial factories is no place to thrive in.

Quote #4: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. – Chief Seattle

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Our current actions have a consequence on the future of our environment where our children will be living in. Thus we should be cautious of how progress is achieved in our current day and age – will that be at the expense of posterities yet to come?

Quote #5: If you violate nature’s laws you are your own prosecuting attorney, judge, jury, and hangman. – Luther Burbank

Regardless of who we are, all of us will be affected if the laws of nature are violated. The earth is basically a giant terrarium, from its various ecosystems to its climate, the entirety of it is interconnected.

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Our favourite quote is Quote #2. Reason being that the spike in technological development will only increase at an ever increasing rate. Thus it will be pivotal whether or not we use it for the greater good or bad. In addition we now have climate altering technology at our disposal. If we so choose to use it for the betterment of our planet, we can revert the adverse effects of our actions on the climate.

Thus these are the multitude of reasons as to why we should treat our earth and its environment with care – without which, we will not be able to thrive as a civilization.

So what’s your favourite quote? Give it a thought!

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