• How to Store Your Artwork – Ecoponics Art Jamming Singapore

    Just finished an Art Jamming Workshop with EcoPonics but have yet to find the perfect spot to display it? Fret not! Simply store your artwork in the mean time! However, do take note not to simply stash your artwork carelessly in the store room! This might ruin your artwork and all the effort spent on […]

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  • 2-in-1 Scented Candle Candle Making in Singapore

    DIY candles in Singapore is increasingly gaining popularity among children and young adults. It is an extremely fun activity that teaches you a new skill, fosters creativity and gives a therapeutic vibe at the same time. At EcoPonics, we conduct DIY candle making workshops in Singapore for participants who are keen to learn how to [...] Continue Reading
  • Leather Making Workshop in Singapore

    If you wonder what goes into making those beautiful leather goods you own, perhaps a leather making workshop will enlighten you! From cutting the perfect length of leather to sewing the pieces together and adding the finishing creative touches, our leathercrafting classes in Singapore will bring you on a journey of sophisticated craftsmanship. What you [...] Continue Reading
  • Art Jamming in Singapore

    You don’t need to be a skilled artist to paint what your heart desires. After all, the arts should never be limited to a specific group of people to enjoy. As one of the most therapeutic activities, art jamming has gained popularity in Singapore over the years. Read on to find out why you should [...] Continue Reading
  • removing mould blog Terrarium Care Tip: Removing Mould

    Terrariums are heralded as the ultimate no-frills companion for households and offices, so it can be quite alarming when something unwanted (mould, ugh) starts forming in the glass vessel. Don’t fret! Being in a country with high humidity levels, moulds easily develops in moist settings, such as closed terrariums. Here are a few tips to combat […]

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  • Terrarium Workshop Singapore Caring for your Cactus Terrarium

    You may think that cacti are hardy plants since they mostly live in the desert but here’s a secret: they will survive with minimal care but making them thrive? That requires putting your green fingers to work! Here are some tips for you to maintain your cactus terrarium. 1. Watering Firstly, ascertain what type of […]

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  • Terrariums in Singapore History of Terrariums

    Ecoponics (Terrarium Workshop Singapore) offers an assortment of terrariums and terrarium workshops. More often than naught, we have questions on the history of terrariums. Who invented it? How did the term “terrarium” even come about? Rest assured, we’ve got your back. Here is a quick history of terrariums. Meaning of Terrarium For starters, let’s break […]

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  • terrarium workshops singapore Terrarium Designs We Love

    Terrarium designs are varied and beautiful. This doesn’t only refer to the interior of a terrarium, but the shape of the terrarium vessel. Even before we fill up the terrarium with lil plants and figurines, the shape of the terrarium already makes a statement for itself. Here are some of our favourite terrarium designs that […]

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  • air plant terrarium Caring for your Air Plant Terrarium

    Ecoponics (Terrarium Workshop Singapore) offers Air Plant Terrarium Workshops! Unfamiliar with air plants? Here’s a short intro to them and tips on how to care for them. Air plants are one of the hardiest plants you can find! They only need 3 things to survive: sunlight (or fluorescent lighting), water and ventilation. Easy peasy. It […]

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  • Haworthia Attenuata Behind an Open and Closed Terrarium in Singapore

    Here at EcoPonics, we encourage participants to learn more about terrariums as they make their own in our DIY workshops. That way, they will be able to take better care of the terrarium they made and increase its longevity! Read on to find out more about our terrarium workshops Singapore! Before getting started, you must […]

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