• terrariums - Enhancing Team Building Through Terrariums | Ecoponics Singapore - Ecoponics April 2021 Enhancing Team Building Through Terrariums | Ecoponics Singapore

    Who would’ve thought you could further enhance your team building session through terrarium making? In this article, we will share with you how Terrariums can help enhance your team building. Let’s get down to the basics – What are terrariums? Simply put, terrariums essentially are mini gardens in bottles. Its own self-sustaining ecosystem has always […]

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  • store your artwork - How to Store Your Artwork - Ecoponics Art Jamming Singapore - Ecoponics April 2021 How to Store Your Artwork – Ecoponics Art Jamming Singapore

    Just finished an Art Jamming Workshop with EcoPonics but have yet to find the perfect spot to display it? Fret not! Simply store your artwork in the mean time! However, do take note not to simply stash your artwork carelessly in the store room! This might ruin your artwork and all the effort spent on […]

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  • 2-in-1 Scented Candle Candle Making in Singapore

    Light Up Your Team Building & Family Bonding Events With Ecoponics  Candle Making Workshops for Bringing People Closer Than Ever Candles are stunning for making any space cozy, comfortable, and warm. Besides illuminating a room without hiking your electricity bills, they are great for loosening up in the wake of a monotonous day. In any [...] Continue Reading
  • Leather Making - Leather Making Workshop in Singapore - Ecoponics April 2021 Leather Making Workshop in Singapore

    If you wonder what goes into making those beautiful leather goods you own, perhaps a leather making workshop will enlighten you! From cutting the perfect length of leather to sewing the pieces together and adding the finishing creative touches, our leathercrafting classes in Singapore will bring you on a journey of sophisticated craftsmanship. What you [...] Continue Reading
  • Art Jamming Singapore - Art Jamming in Singapore - Ecoponics April 2021 Art Jamming in Singapore

    Art Jamming Sessions in Singapore by Ecoponics  Giving You a Platform to Get Creative With Your Team, Friends, or Family!  What is Art Jamming Ecoponics is a leading name in Singapore when it comes to introducing arts and crafts activities in family events, formal occasions, or any other programs where you want to create a [...] Continue Reading
  • Aeonium Plants Guide to Caring For Your Fittonias – Terrarium Plants Singapore

    What are Fittonias? Often called the mosaic plant or nerve plant because of the brightly coloured and contrasting veins that coarse through their leaves, the Fittonia family is multifarious in styles of veining and foliage. Because they are native to south America (warm and humid climate), they have to be cared for very differently as […]

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  • houseplants - Houseplants Benefits | Terrarium | Ecoponics Singapore - Ecoponics April 2021 Houseplants Benefits | Terrarium | Ecoponics Singapore

    Are you a new homeowner? Let the experts at Ecoponics share some of the benefits of keeping plants in your own homes. While they make really good decor pieces for your home, houseplants have a wide variety of benefits. So keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned! Hanging Sphere Terrariums A type of modern houseplant, […]

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  • Terrarium Beginner Tips - 3 Tips For New Terrarium Owners! - Ecoponics April 2021 3 Tips For New Terrarium Owners!

    Have you just gotten yourself a Terrarium? Congratulations! You officially have big shoes to fill now, in terms of caring for your new plant ecosystem. Want some beginner terrarium tips? Then read on! As the Terrariums consists of a living plant, it requires some maintenance involved. Contrary to what other people think, although a Terrarium […]

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  • Terrarium Workshop Terrarium Workshops for Students

    Ecoponics specializes in Terrarium Workshops for students and corporate clients. In this article, we will share some of the key highlights that we adopt whenever we conduct the workshop for schools.   Terrarium Workshops for Students Creating a terrarium is easy. Everyone who has the knowledge can create their own. It’s even searchable online if […]

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  • eco-friendly terrarium workshop Eco-friendly Terrarium Workshop Ideas

    If you’re looking to engage yourself in a meaningful hobby, try our eco-friendly terrarium workshop! We all know that saving the earth is everyone’s responsibility. Here at Ecoponics, with the goal of enriching our communities, we’d try our best to impart our knowledge on saving the earth to the masses. Some of our eco-friendly initiatives […]

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