Converting your close terrarium into an open terrarium

We at Ecoponics (terrarium workshop singapore) regularly organize terrarium making workshops for both individuals and groups. In this article we will touch on the steps of converting your close terrarium (entirely sealed up with no openings) into an open terrarium.

A terrarium is basically a miniature garden in a bottle. There are 2 main types of terrariums: Close and open.

What is a close terrarium

A close terrarium is entirely sealed up with no openings at all. The water cycle and gaseous exchange takes place within the bottle itself. As such there is no need to water and maintain the terrarium oftenly. There are only 2 things to note pertaining to its maintenance process: Watering and airing.

Source: Close terrarium by Ecoponics

What is an open terrarium

Unlike close terrariums, open terrariums have an opening that allows for gaseous exchange within the interiors of a terrarium and its external environment.

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Source: Open terrarium by Ecoponics



Reasons as to why you should convert your close terrarium into an open terrarium

However, because fittonias do grow, they will do so and grow around the inner glass walls of the terrarium bottle. This may lead to overcrowding within the terrarium confines and for owners who are concerned about its aesthetics, you might want to convert your close terrarium into an open one.

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Note: Although you could prune your fittonias, we do not recommend it unless you have a fair bit of experience in doing so. Reason being that fittonias are very delicate plants. Pruning done wrongly could result in its death.

Converting your close terrarium into an open terrarium

Simply leave the cap open. While doing so ensure to keep your terrarium away from the sun as fittonias are very sensitive to direct sunlight. Also leave your terrarium area from hotspots. Typical hotspots are, the kitchen and your computer CPU. Do note that open terrariums require much more maintenance than close terrariums.

Differences between the maintenance portion of a close and open terrarium

Note that with an open terrarium, you have to water your fittonias more often as it is constantly being aired to the environment – i.e. water content is lost to the surroundings and has to be constantly replenished. We recommend leaving it open for 2-4 days. After which, give it 4-7 spoonfuls of water depending on the size of your terrarium glass bottle.

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Source: Open terrarium hanging sphere by Ecoponics

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