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Our wide range of corporate workshops selections aim to reach out to all, no matter what your interests are. 
Whether you’re exploring your creative side through crafting, seeking tranquility, or embracing sustainability, our corporate workshops selections offer a diverse range of experiences to inspire, uplift, and make a positive impact. 

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Corporate Workshops FAQ

What is the purpose of corporate workshops?

These workshops aim to foster collaboration and team building through shared experience of creating something during the workshop.

How are the workshops structured?

Our workshop typically starts off with a theory portion where participants will be taught on the product that they are making and how it works. Thereafter, comes the hands-on portion where they will be immersed in the activity and experience making something together! 

What are the benefits of attending these workshops?

There are numerous benefits of attending these workshops.

Firstly, our workshops allow for enhanced collaboration. Team-building activities encourage collaboration and cooperation among team members as by working together to achieve common goals of creating a product together,  participants develop a stronger sense of unity and cohesion within the team.

Secondly, our workshops are designed to create a lively and enjoyable out-of-office experience. Engaging in fun and interactive team-building activities provided at our workshops can help boost morale and motivation among team members. When employees feel connected to their colleagues and enjoy working together, they are more likely to feel satisfied and motivated in their roles.

Thirdly, engaging team building workshops can create positive organizational culture as it demonstrates a commitment to create a positive organizational culture that values teamwork and collaboration. In return, this leads to higher employee engagement. 



Can you customize workshops to meet the needs of our clients?

Our workshops are customizable to cater to your preferred duration and objectives. Do let us know if you have any requests, and our programme executives will try to customize our programmes to meet your requirements!

Do you offer virtual or online workshops, in addition to in-person ones?

Yes. Our workshops can be conducted in various modes, in-person or virtually, or hybrid – a combination of both for those who are working from home and are unable to attend the workshop in-person, but can do so from the comforts of their own homes simultaneously.

What is the duration of the workshops?

The duration of the workshop depends on the workshops chosen, most of our workshops span between 1-2 hours. 

What is the cost of attending a workshop, and are there any additional fees?

The cost depends on the number of pax as well as the workshop chosen. Do drop us a whatsapp message at +65 8688 6636 or email us at [email protected] for a quotation!

In your message, do provide us with the following details:

Your preferred workshop:

Number of pax:



Are there any prerequisites required to attend these workshops?

There are no specific prerequisites required to attend our workshops as our workshops are designed to be all-inclusive and suitable for beginners 🙂

Can workshops be conducted at our company's location?

Definitely! Our workshops can be conducted at our studio or your preferred venue! 

How far in advance do we need to register for a workshop?

Ideally, the earlier the better so that we can reserve a slot for you! Do let us know your preferred date so that we can do a soft booking, and to give us ample time to prepare logistics/schedule of manpower.

However, we’ll try our utmost best to schedule a last minute slot for you whenever possible 🙂 

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