Ecoponics terrarium workshop (individual and group)

Personalized Ecoponics Terrarium Workshop

If you are looking for a fun and engaging terrarium workshop check out our individual and teambuilding terrarium workshops! Our workshops can be conducted at your venue of choice! They are fitting for a number of occasions from family days to corporate teambuilding workshops. Irregardless of your age you are never too old or young to join. Just relax, sit back and enjoy a unique and memorable terrarium building experience.

Ecoponics Terrarium Workshop

Open Terrariums made from one of our terrarium teambuilding workshop

Ecoponics Terrarium Workshop in Singapore

We conduct both corporate and science terrarium workshops. Additionally, we also provide terrariums that are pre-made that you can get as a gift. You can check them out at either our online store or our marymount storefront.

Ecoponics Terrarium Activities

Address: MAPEX Building
37 Jalan Pemimpin 577177
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