1. Open the filter cover trap (a) on the rear of the device and unhinge.
  2. Remove the sticker (protective film) from the carbon filters.
  3. Place the double air guide hood (c) on the filter.
  4. Unhinge the filter cover trap again and apply light pressure to the points marked with the arrows (d) to press open and/or close.


Filters should be replaced once every 4-9 months, depending on frequency of usage. Should there be any unpleasant odour from the system, it could be an indication that the filters have exhausted, do install a fresh pair of carbon filters immediately.

The smart cara comes with a stainless-steel barrel, and a pair of carbon filters attached.

To operate the system for the first time, ensure that you have:

a. Removed the sticker (protective film) from the carbon filter

b. Remove the sticker from the barrel 

c. Machine is placed at least 30cm away from the wall

Remove the stainless steel barrel from the smart cara and insert food waste (up to the indicator line) 

Close the lid and ensure that the arrow is pointing towards 'lock'. 

Press the "on" button to start the device and all the other processes - drying, grinding and cooling will begin automatically.

Most raw/cooked food can be placed in the Smart Cara.

However, for foods with high starch/carbohydrate content, we would like to recommend that the food is mixed with other types of food as processing starchy food might cause the food to solidify over time, damaging the blades/ stainless steel barrel.

Do avoid:

  • Bones
  • Liquids (soups, gravy, oil, juice etc)

Items that are unable to be processed in the smart cara are:

  • Stones
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Plastic 
  • Bones
  • Cardboard
  • Hard paper
  • Utensils
  • Liquids

The PCS350  smart cara makes minimal sounds, +/- 38 dB. 

There is also an option to disable the voice narration.


For cleaning, ensure that the device itself is free from any food debris/spillages.

To clean the stainless-steel barrel, use the self-cleansing function by filling half the barrel with water. Do not use any soap/washing detergent!

The Smart Cara PCS350 goes through 3 different processes - drying, grinding and cooling of waste. During these processes, waste will be significantly reduced - up to 80% of its original volume!

This dehydrated output can be used as compost for fertilizing plants.

To switch on the Smart Cara PCS350, plug in the device and switch on the device with a short press on the ON/OFF button.


To turn off the smart cara PCS350, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 7 seconds. The ON/OFF button light should go out, indicating that the device is sucessfully switched off.

Pausing the operation will interrupt the drying/grinding or cooling cycle of the device and might take longer for the cycle to complete. 

The function of audio narration of the Smart Cara PCS350 is to inform the user on stage of processing and any abnormalities.  By default, this function is always activated. 

To disable the audio narration function:

1. Open the lid and press the self-cleaning button for around 5 seconds. Upon successful deactivation of the voice narration, you should be able to hear "Voice assistance deactivated"

Note: If the audio guidance function is deactivated, the device will still communicate an error code. 

To re-activate the voice narration function, repeat the same steps above.

The dehydrated output can be used for fertilizing plants and greenery.

No. The smart cara does not use microbes to decompose the waste, thus the output would be considered as secondary compost.

Secondary compost will mean that nutrients does not get absorbed immediately by the plants, it will have to undergo natural decomposition in the soil before the plants are able to absorb the nutrients.



The user manual of the smart cara PCS350 can be found in the box upon purchase.

Otherwise, you may download the manual here.