To replace the Smart Cara PCS 350 filters, it is important to note that both pairs of filters must be changed at the same time.


Instructions for Smart Cara PCS350 filter replacement:

  1. Open the cover trap at the rear of the device (Fig. 1), unhinge and put to one side.
  2. Lift the air guide hoods (Fig. 5) and rotate the old filters out of their older by turning anticlockwise (Fig. 3) and dispose of appropriately. 
  3. Remove the sticker (protective films) on both protective filters. (Fig. 2)
  4. Fully insert the replacement filters into position by rotating in a clockwise direction (Fig. 4)
  5. Replace the double air guide hoods (Fig. 5) on the filters.
  6. Unhinge the filter cover trap again and click into place with the clip (Fig. 6)




At the moment in Singapore, we do not offer Smart Cara filter recycling service. Put the filters in a box/plastic bag and discard the used filters. If you are based overseas, check if you are able to send the used filters for recycling!

One of the possible reasons for the smart cara to stop turning/grinding the food waste could be due to caramelization (for fruits/food with high starch content). These ingredients will solidify and might affect the motor.

To rectify this issue, clear the residue of the barrel by adding hot water into the barrel and let it soak. Repeat the process until you are able to clear the residue fully!

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