Smart Cara: Transforming Your Food Waste to Fertilizers at the Touch of a Button

Every day, people around the world throw food away without giving much thought to the amount of limited valuable resources (i.e. water and energy) invested into its production. In 2015 alone, food waste in Singapore reached a whopping amount of 785,500 tonnes. Shockingly, only a small fraction (13%) was recycled. The remaining hefty 683,385 tonnes of unused food were incinerated and are occupying vast amounts of space in Singapore’s remaining landfill (Semakau Landfill). On top of that, potent greenhouse gases such as methane are also released by food waste buried in the landfills. Considering that a large proportion of food waste has been left unrecycled, food waste recycling can not only extend the lifespan of Singapore’s sole landfill but also save the Earth from further destruction caused by human activities.

In light of the harmful environmental implications associated with waste production, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is striving to gear Singapore towards becoming a Zero Waste Nation. To work towards this goal, NEA has been implementing various plans to reduce consumption and to promote reusing and recycling of waste materials.

To support this movement, we have developed programs to groom students to become stewards of the environment even at a young tender age. We believe that by instilling good food practices in the future of Singapore, we can develop into a Zero Waste Nation in the near future. Through our fun and interactive enrichment programs, we aim to equip students with the knowledge of proper food waste recycling and to develop their appreciation for the value of food. To provide a hands-on experience for the students, we also offer Food Waste Digesters for schools.

Our latest Food Waste Digester, Smart Cara, offers a simple and safe way for students to start on their journey of food waste recycling. Within 3 hours, the Smart Cara transforms unused food into completely organic compost, which can be used to nourish the plants in the school garden.

Processing food waste through the Smart Cara only involves a few easy steps! Food waste is placed into the machine and with the touch of a button, the machine performs a series of heating, dehydration and grinding processes. Equipped with in-built carbon filters, the Smart Cara removes odors produced during the composting process. This compact Smart Cara consumes energy as low as 0.5kW and requires low maintenance, rendering it an eco-friendly and cost-effective food waste manager.

Join us in our fight against food waste today!

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Smart Cara: Transforming Your Food Waste to Fertilizers at the Touch of a Button - Smart Cara - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024


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