5 Tips For Effective Terrarium Maintenance

Terrariums have recently became a trend here in Singapore. If you have already made one through a terrarium workshop and find it to be a little of a hassle when it comes to maintaining it, here are 5 simple tips that you can apply to make maintaining it a whole lot easier!

Tip 1: Do Not Over-water Your Terrariums

The amount of water you give your plant depends on the size of your bottle. You will have to water your terrarium more frequently if you are using a larger bottle. As an example, let us refer to a pre-made example of a terrarium made at one of our terrarium workshop as shown below. We recommend 8 full sprays of water every month for a bottle of that size.

Ecoponics Classic Closed 2 | Ecoponics Singapore | May, 2024

Tip 2: Deal with Mould Formation Right Away

If you do spot mould forming along the walls of your terrarium glass bottle, simply wipe it off with a piece of cloth or tissue paper. More importantly mould formation indicates excessive watering. So you might want to leave your terrarium open for 1-3 days (for stale water to evaporate) and cut down on the rate at which you water your terrarium.

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Tip 3: Do Not Leave Your Terrarium in Warm Places

Excessive heat is one of the most common causes of withering in your terrarium. So avoid leaving your terrarium in warm places – common examples are by the window under the scorching sun & beside your computer CPU.

Tip 4: Immediately Remove Dying Plants


Fittonia plants (thrives under indirect sunlight)

Any diseased plant if left unremoved in your terrarium can infect neighboring plants. You can remove it simply by digging it out with a long spoon or any other terrarium tool. But in doing so, do be careful not to damage the roots of other surrounding plants! Upon removing the plant, immediately replace it with another one of a similar light requirement and size.

Tip 5: Keep Your Plants Stored Away from Direct Sunlight

Because the glass walls of your bottle can act like magnifiers, temperatures in your terrarium will reach levels higher than external temperatures. Plants are intolerant to higher temperatures, causing them to dehydrate and wither away. So do store them away from direct sunlight.


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