Behind an Open and Closed Terrarium in Singapore

Here at EcoPonics, we encourage participants to learn more about terrariums as they make their own in our DIY workshops. That way, they will be able to take better care of the terrarium they made and increase its longevity! Read on to find out more about our terrarium workshops Singapore!

Before getting started, you must decide if you want to make an open or closed terrarium as both require different types of plants to survive in the climate of Singapore. You have to pick the right plant for each type of terrarium. A closed terrarium in Singapore will not require much manual watering, but an open one will.

Best plants for an open and closed terrarium in Singapore

Open Terrariums

Open terrariums require more air circulation and generally thrive in an arid environment. Some of the best low maintenance plants that flourish in open terrariums in Singapore include:

1. Air Plants

image | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024

2. Cacti

pexels photo 97260 | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024

3. Succulents

pexels photo 1022922 | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024

Closed Terrariums

A closed terrarium is mostly self-sufficient and perhaps more ideal to take care in Singapore amid your busy schedule. In the slightly higher temperature of the glass jar, moisture from the soil and plants evaporates. The water vapour that is released condenses into tiny water droplets upon touching the cool internal surface of the jar, which then fall back to offer moisture to the plants and soil. Due to this mini water cycle operating inside the terrarium, the plants will be able to survive in a closed terrarium.

Some plants ideal for a closed terrarium in Singapore include:

1. Fittonia (Nerve Plant)


2. Ferns

Terrarium Making Singapore

3. Mosses

9c93ce51?ixlib=rb 0.3 | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024

Although mosses are a popular pick for closed terrariums, they may be quite tricky to handle in Singapore. It is important to aerate the terrarium and build a good drainage system. Avoid mildew (and mould, yikes) at all costs!

There’s so much more to terrariums than just their aesthetics! Understanding the processes and operations of both an open and closed terrarium will allow you to better care for them in your homes or offices in Singapore. Choosing the right plants for your terrarium is essential.

Rest assured, if you would like to make an open or closed terrarium and learn about how to take care of it, EcoPonics will be your best choice in Singapore. Our terrarium workshops Singapore are guaranteed to be educational and fun! If you are looking to purchase some of the plants mentioned above, our store has the best selection for you.

Cheers to making a terra-fic terrarium!


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