Best Plants for Open and Closed Terrariums

Here at Ecoponics (Terrarium Workshop Singapore), we advocate learning about the workings of terrariums alongside our DIY workshops. That way, one would be able to take better care of their terrarium and increase its longevity!

Before you get started on making a terrarium, an important question is whether you are making an open or closed terrarium. After which, another decision would be on what goes into your terrarium. Open and closed terrariums operate differently, hence the type of plants best suited for each will not be the same.

Open Terrariums

They require more air circulation and generally a more arid environment. Some of the best, low maintenance plants for open terrariums are as follows:

1. Air Plants

2. Cacti

3. Succulents


Closed Terrariums

On the other hand, closed terrariums are mostly self-sufficient, with a mini water cycle operating inside the glass vessel. This environment is ideal for moisture loving plants, such as:

1. Fittonia (Nerve Plant)


2. Ferns

Terrarium Making Singapore

3. Mosses

Although mosses are a popular pick for closed terrariums, they may be quite tricky to handle. They seem to be of low maintenance, but it is important to aerate the terrarium and build a good drainage system. Avoid mildew (and mould, yikes) at all costs! Helen wrote a really good article over here on how to maintain a moss terrarium, read it for a clearer idea.

There’s so much more to terrariums than just their aesthetics! Understanding the processes and operations of terrariums will allow you to better care for them. Choosing the right plants for your terrarium will go a long way. Simply getting a terrarium for its aesthetic won’t make the terrarium last, so it is important to know how to give them a lil TLC.

Rest assured, if you would like to make a terrarium and learn about how to take care of it, Ecoponics (Terrarium Workshops Singapore) is your best choice. Our workshops are guaranteed to be educational and fun! Grab a few friends/colleagues and contact us! Looking to purchase some of the plants mentioned above? Our store has a selection for you. Cheers to making a terra-fic terrarium!

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