Upcycling Workshops

Upcycling Workshop 

Ecoponics Upcycling Workshops are a series of eco-friendly enrichment programmes that provide students with the exposure and knowledge on what is upcycling, the differences of upcycling and recycling and how upcycling can benefit the environment. 

This programme aims to expose students to essential environmental education and to groom students to be good role models and environmental stewards. With the knowledge that they have learnt during the workshop, students will be inspired to play their part in upcycling and saving the environment.

What is unique about this programme? Students will have a first-hand experience, hands-on session of making their own crafts using recycled materials thus giving the material a new life instead of throwing it away.

Terrarium workshop singapoer

Upcycling Terrarium Workshops

using recycled glass/plastic bottles to make terrariums

Upcycling Candle Workshops

using recycled glass/plastic bottles to make candles!

Upcycling Leather Workshops

using recycled leather off-cuts to make leather accessories!


Upcycling Workshop Details

Delivery type: Hands-On
Level: P3-P6
Number of Pax:
Duration: 1-1.5hours

General topics covered:


  • What is Upcycling
  • Upcycling Vs Recycling
  • Upcycling & its effects on the environment
  • Hands-On step by step guide on making their craft


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Past Clients

  1. Pertapis Fellowship Home – Multiple Projects
  2. Temasek Primary School – Canvas Mask Holders
  3. Housing & Development Board (HDB) – Jam Jar Terrarium
  4. Beacon Primary School – Recycled Toy Making