Why is My Terrarium Dying?

Although a Terrarium is expected to live longer due to its ability to self-sustain, terrariums do die for various reasons. Have you attended a terrarium workshop and realized that the plants start to wilt, or you notice changes in your terrarium? For terrarium owners who have put their heart and soul into making one, surely it’s one of the worst feelings to watch your terrariums die.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the common reasons why Terrariums die, and tips on how to rectify the issue!

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  1. Why is my Terrarium Dying – Too much water

While a closed terrarium requires low maintenance and less watering, people often misunderstand and tend to overwater as they’re afraid that there’s too little water recirculating in the system. You can tell if your terrarium has too much water in it if it literally looks like its raining in your terrarium – when there are too much water droplets. This will let your plant to wilt as water will accumulate on the petals. Too much water will cause your terrariums to grow mouldy – which is a definite no-no!


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2. Why is my Terrarium Dying – Wrong choice of plant

Not all plants can be placed in a terrarium. Depending on whether your terrarium is an open or a closed one, only certain types of plants are allowed. Read this article where we compare the difference between an open and closed terrarium 

and this article where we compare which plants are suitable for either open or closed terrariums


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3. Why is my  Terrarium Dying – Storage Conditions
Generally, a terrarium is kept indoors with no direct sunlight. A terrarium is kept away from heat sources as too much heat might cause the plants in your terrarium to wilt and eventually leading to its death.


There are various factors as to why a Terrarium die. To engage us for a Terrarium Workshop for a guided facilitation and exclusive tips on caring for your terrariums, please drop us an email at [email protected]

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