Food Waste Management

Ecoponics’ Food Waste Management Solutions includes offering a wide range of services including talks, workshops, and learning journeys.

These are interactive and educational initiatives designed to empower individuals, businesses, and communities with the knowledge and tools to address the challenges of food waste, in the context of Singapore.

These sessions typically cover a range of practical solutions and strategies, fostering a holistic understanding of how to reduce, repurpose, and responsibly manage food waste through education, hands-on activity, or even experiential trips. 

Have specific learning objectives or time allocated? Please contact us so we can customize our programmes to fit your needs!

Food Waste Management Solutions

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Food Waste Enrichment

A 1.5 hour session, spread across 3 sessions curriculum covering topics of general waste, environmental effects and how we can reduce waste production.

Food Waste Management

Students will be exposed to different methods of reducing and reusing food waste, as well as the operational flow of the food composter, the 1kg Smart Cara system.
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Activity-Based Workshops

A 1-1.5 hour workshop with hands-on practical elements to utilise food waste.

Activity-Based Workshop

Bring food scraps to be used during the hands-on activities. Activities: 1) Citrus Peel Cleaner 2) Eco Enzymes 3) Veggies Scrap Regrowth
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Food Waste Learning Journey

A 1.5 hour site visit to witness close-loop cycle of food waste recycling in a commercial setting.

Food Waste Learning Journey

Participants can observe sources of food waste, how by-products from food waste recycling is being used again, forming a close-loop cycle.
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Food Waste Assembly Talk

A 30min talk for school-wide engagement, raising awareness on food waste situation in Singapore and how to reduce food waste in a school setting.

Food Waste Assembly Talk

The goal of a food waste assembly talk is to educate and motivate individuals to make mindful choices that contribute to a more sustainable and responsible approach to food consumption, ultimately fostering a community committed to minimizing food waste.
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Food Waste Management Systems

Food waste composters are machines designed to efficiently process organic kitchen waste, turning it into compost

Food Waste Management Systems

They offer an efficient and sustainable solution for recycling kitchen waste into a valuable resource for gardening and agriculture. 1kg and 5kg capacity available.

About Our Food Waste Composters:

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We provide education services in the following areas:


  • Assembly talks
  • Specifically-designed enrichment programs
    (Educating students on Environmental Science and Sustainability)
  • Food Waste Learning Journeys
  • Supply & Retail of Food Waste Composter

We believe that every little bit helps in the conservation of our environment, and what better way to help than to educate the future of Singapore on environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness?

 Through our educational programmes, we aim to inculcate green practices and habits in schools, and show students that everyone can play their part in conserving the environment.

Add-On: Food Waste Management Textbook

Textbooks are included in our 3 session food waste enrichment programme! 

Educational textbooks written by us! Our textbook covers 5 main topics on waste:

1) Waste – What is waste, how waste is produced

2) Waste & Our Environment – Air, Water & Land pollution

3) Food Waste – What is food waste, types of food waste, origins of food waste, food waste situation in Singapore

4) Dealing with Waste – how we deal with waste, reusing and recycling food waste, composting, vermicomposting, large scale composting, food waste recycling 

5) Fighting Food Wastage 

textbook cover

Food Waste Management Activities

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PET Bottle Home Composter 

Make your own compost using everyday materials at home! Participants will learn all about food waste recycling & composting.

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Citrus Peel Cleaner 

Make an eco-friendly cleaner using all natural ingredients. Participants will learn to repurpose fruit scraps instead of throwing them away.

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Vegetable Scrap Regrowth 

Lengthen the life out of your kitchen waste by growing your own vegetables from your common vegetable scraps.

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Growing Plants With Compost

Do plants grow better with compost? Participants will be able to do a control-test experiment in their little planters.

Food Waste Learning Journey

Food Waste Management Learning Journey is an enrichment programme that provides students withthe knowledge of food waste generation and how it is recycled in Singapore. Students will be introduced to the close loop cycle, observing various food waste sources and how food waste can be recycled to form compost within a facility!

The learning journey will also grant exposure on how recycled food waste is integrated back into nature.

Students will get up close and personal with a real-life food waste digester and its applications in gardening. At the end, students will bring back their own biodegradableorganic fertilisers made from the food waste recycler.

Media Features & Testimonials


“The assembly talk was very interactive, thank you for conducting it for us. I really need the kids to learn and am very thankful that you are helping to educate them”
- Li Ting
Teacher, Food Waste Assembly Talk
"The students really enjoyed the hands-on activities, and its a great way for them to see first hand on how food waste can be used again to make something instead of throwing it away!"
Teacher, Activity Based Workshop (Citrus Peel Cleaner Workshop)

Media Features

Featured on CH8 News: Hougang Primary School uses food waste disposer to teach students to recycle food waste

Ecoponics is proud to have supplied the food waste composters and food waste enrichment programme to Hougang Primary School! 

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