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Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder

According to the National Environment Agency’s latest statistics, the recycling rate of paper and carboard in Singapore is at 39%. In stating the obvious that more can be done at various systemic levels to improve this rate, we at Ecoponics believe that marrying artistic creativity with an upcycling idea enables us to achieve the goal of helping improve environmental sustainability in Singapore, while increasing the value of a certain used and to-be-discarded product through various artistic modes and techniques.

Toilet roll tubes are, more often than not, never seen as items that can be recycled/upcycled. We hardly imagine another use for these things. Thankfully, there are paper recycling facilities that can help to repurpose the humble toilet roll tube, but imagine if we could rely less on these facilities, and think of cost-effective ways to use these items differently – and perhaps increase their value?

One such way is to upcycle the toilet roll tube as a stationary holder and we have specially designed a workshop for it! Save some bucks on that new stationery holder to replace your old one, or to give as a gift to your child, and create one yourself! Plus, you are doing something positive for environmental sustainability! Enquire to find out more!

toilet roll upcycle | Ecoponics Singapore | June, 2024

Workshop Description

Programme Highlights

In our Toilet Roll Stationary Holder Workshops, participants will be able to:

  1. Learn about the issue of waste and how waste is managed in Singapore.
  2. Explain what upcycling is and how it differs from recycling.
  3. Understand the benefits that upcycling has on our environment.
  4. Have their own hands-on experience in making a Toilet Roll Stationery Holder.


Ecoponics seeks to provide individuals with vital environmental education and motivation to make positive changes for a sustainable future. Through workshops that address the issue of paper and cardboard waste, Ecoponics offers a creative approach to promoting sustainable lifestyles.



Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!


1-1.5 Hours

All Materials Provided & Trainers Guidance

All necessary materials and most equipment required for the workshops will be provided by Ecoponics. In addition, certified instructors and trainers guide participants through the entire process, from theory to practical application.

Participants learn about the differences between upcycling and recycling, the benefits of upcycling to the environment, and how to create functional items from used materials.

Other Options

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DIY Kits

Ideal For

  • Children
  • Team Building
  • Work together as a team

Benefits of Upcycled Paper/Cardboard Workshops

Environmental Sustainability

By learning how to upcycle toilet rolls to create stationery holders, these workshops promote sustainability by repurposing waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

This reduces the demand for new resources and helps to minimize environmental impact.

Education and Awareness

Upcycling workshops by Ecoponics aims to  raise awareness about the environmental impact of paper and cardboard waste, and provide participants with important knowledge and skills related to upcycling and sustainable living.

By offering hands-on learning experiences, these workshops empower individuals to take action and make more environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives.

Encourages Resourcefulness & Creativity

Upcycled toilet roll stationery holder workshop by Ecoponics encourage participants to think creatively and find innovative ways to repurpose materials.

This fosters a sense of resourcefulness and encourages a mindset of finding value in what might be considered waste, promoting a more sustainable and mindful approach to consumption.

Variations of Upcycled Paper/Cardboard Workshops

Explore the exciting world of upcycling through a variety of workshops that focus on repurposing paper and cardboard waste. These workshops offer a unique and hands-on experience where you can unleash your creativity while contributing to environmental sustainability. From creating beautiful paper crafts to designing functional cardboard organizers, you’ll discover endless possibilities to transform discarded materials into valuable and meaningful items.

Join us in these variations of upcycled paper/cardboard workshops and let your creativity soar while making a difference!

Upcycling Paper/Cardboard Workshop FAQ

Upcycling toilet rolls is a creative and sustainable way to repurpose a commonly used household item that would otherwise be discarded as waste. There are several reasons why upcycling toilet rolls can be beneficial:

  1. Waste Reduction: Toilet rolls are often considered as single-use items and are commonly thrown away after use. By upcycling them, we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, helping to minimize the environmental impact of paper waste.

  2. Resource Conservation: Upcycling toilet rolls allows us to make use of existing resources instead of consuming new ones. By repurposing toilet rolls, we can conserve materials like paper and cardboard, which are made from trees and require energy and resources to produce.

  3. Creativity and Innovation: Upcycling toilet rolls can be a fun and creative activity that encourages innovation and resourcefulness. It provides an opportunity to think outside the box and transform a seemingly ordinary item into something unique and useful, showcasing the potential for creativity and innovation in sustainable practices.

  4. Education and Awareness: Upcycling toilet rolls can also be an educational tool to raise awareness about waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable living. By engaging in upcycling activities, individuals can learn about the environmental impact of waste and gain a better understanding of the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling materials in our everyday lives.

Overall, upcycling toilet rolls is a sustainable practice that promotes waste reduction, resource conservation, creativity, and education, making it a beneficial and environmentally conscious choice.

Learn different upcycling techniques, such as paper folding, papercraft, and cardboard cutting, and discover how to transform old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, and toilet rolls into stunning works of art or functional household items. These workshops provide a fun and engaging way to learn about sustainability, waste reduction, and creative reuse.

You'll not only gain new skills and knowledge, but also be inspired to adopt a more sustainable mindset in your everyday life, making a positive impact on the environment and promoting a greener future for generations to come.

A toilet roll upcycling workshop is a hands-on educational activity that focuses on repurposing toilet rolls into new and useful items. Participants learn creative techniques to transform toilet rolls into various crafts, organizers, or decorations, thereby giving a new life and purpose to a common household item that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Participating in a toilet roll upcycling workshop can have several benefits. It promotes sustainability by reducing waste and promoting creative reuse. It encourages creativity and innovation, as participants learn to repurpose toilet rolls into unique and functional items. It also provides an educational opportunity to raise awareness about waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable living, allowing participants to develop a more environmentally conscious mindset.

No prior experience or skills are usually required to participate in a toilet roll upcycling workshop. These workshops are designed to be beginner-friendly and provide step-by-step guidance on various upcycling techniques. Anyone, regardless of age or skill level, can join and enjoy the process of transforming toilet rolls into new creations.

Certainly! Afterall, as this is an upcycling workshop, we would like to encourage participants to have t

Upcycling toilet rolls can have several environmental benefits. It helps reduce waste by repurposing toilet rolls that would otherwise end up in landfills, contributing to waste reduction and minimizing the environmental impact of paper waste. It also conserves resources by reusing existing materials, reducing the demand for new resources such as trees and energy required to produce new paper and cardboard products.

Absolutely! One of the benefits of attending a toilet roll upcycling workshop is that you can continue upcycling toilet rolls at home as a creative and sustainable DIY project. Once you've learned the techniques, you can apply them to transform toilet rolls into new items according to your own creativity and needs, promoting sustainable practices in your daily life.

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Promoting Sustainability and Creativity: Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder Workshop

Ecoponics is a leading environmental education organization that aims to raise awareness about sustainability and inspire individuals to take action towards a greener future. One of their innovative and engaging workshops is the Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder Workshop. This workshop focuses on repurposing toilet rolls into functional and creative stationery holders, promoting sustainability, creativity, and practicality.

The Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder Workshop offered by Ecoponics is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn about upcycling and its environmental benefits. Through hands-on activities, participants get to transform toilet rolls, which are commonly considered as waste, into practical and unique stationery holders. This workshop promotes sustainability by reducing waste and minimizing the demand for new resources. Participants learn about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable living, and how upcycling can contribute to a more sustainable future.

The workshop also encourages creativity and innovation. Participants are guided through various upcycling techniques, such as cutting, folding, and decorating, to create personalized stationery holders. They can unleash their creativity and come up with unique designs, patterns, and colour combinations, making each stationery holder a one-of-a-kind creation. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride in participants as they see their own handcrafted stationery holders come to life, while also honing their artistic and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, the Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder Workshop promotes practicality. The resulting stationery holders are not only eco-friendly but also functional. Participants can use them to organize pens, pencils, markers, scissors, and other stationery items in a stylish and sustainable way. These stationery holders can be used at home, in the office, or given as thoughtful and sustainable gifts to family and friends. This workshop offers a practical solution to reduce waste while creating functional and aesthetically pleasing stationery holders.

In conclusion, the Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder Workshop offered by Ecoponics is a unique and engaging educational experience that promotes sustainability, creativity, and practicality. Participants learn about the environmental benefits of upcycling, unleash their creativity through hands-on activities, and create functional stationery holders from discarded toilet rolls. This workshop not only contributes to waste reduction but also inspires individuals to adopt a more sustainable and creative lifestyle. Join Ecoponics in their mission to promote sustainability and creativity through their Upcycled Toilet Roll Stationery Holder Workshop and take a step towards a greener future.