The Best Solution For A Zero Waste Household

Smart Cara - PCS500

With a 5kg capacity, this innovative drying system converts kitchen waste into dry residue in just a few hours, and reduces its weight and volume by up to 80%!


Quick Drying


Low Electrical


No Unpleasant

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Smart Cara PCS500

The Smart Cara PCS500 is a smart drying system that helps to convert your food waste into dried secondary compost, suitable for planting. It has a 5kg capacity and is recommended for large household use or commercial use.

Turn your food waste into something incredible in

Four simple steps!

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Fill the container with food waste

Add food waste as long as the appliance is in standby mode. Fill no higher than the maximum filling. By locking the lid, it goes into storage mode. The appliance will be already slowly reducing the waste. It remains free of maggots and fruit flies. Advantage: more food waste can be processed during one drying cycle (energy-friendly)…

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Container full? Push start!

Start the reducing process by 1 push on the power button. 3 Phases : Drying > Grinding > Cooling The waste processing time is approx. 3 to 5 hours.

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Dual heating dry sterilization & smart energy saving

The Smart Cara has a dual heating; dry sterilization technology to eradicate any bacteria.


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Compost storage

With built-in storage in the Smart Cara PCS500, storing the output would be easy, clean and hygienic. 


Smart volume reduction rate

Food waste moisture is perfectly dehydrated. And it is grinded into powder, which only weighs 1/10 of the original weight.


preduction Rate

3 Hours

operating time as little as

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Product Video

Smart Cara Reviews

Natalie Tan

Saw this at the office pantry and thought it’s such an interesting way to reduce our waste!

Richard Goh

We have this system in school and it is very easy to use. Our students from the green club had lots of fun working on their zero waste project using the Smart Cara PCS500!

Monica Angeles

My husband and I got this as a gift for my father-in-law who is an avid gardener. He likes that it doesn’t take too long to generate compost and the design is so sleek!

Product Features

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No Maggots | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
No maggots – No fruit flies

Reduce your food waste to dry powder

Smart Noise Navigation | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Smart Noise Reduction​

No noise: ≤ 40dB (as quiet as a whisper)​

Smart Design​ | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Smart Design

Compact and Space efficient

Smart AI​ | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
AI Audio Guidance

Audio guidance Verbal indication of progress and error codes.

Smart Power Savings​ | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Smart Power Savings

Energy saving dehydration sensors

Smart Storage​ | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Smart Storage

Removable Food Container

Smart Deodorisation​​ | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Smart Deodorisation​

Eliminate foul smells from Food Waste

Smart Cleaning | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Smart Cleaning

Self-cleansing function with added water.

Eco Friendly Results​ | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024
Eco Friendly Results

Odorless residue to stock.

How it Works?

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Product Overview
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Top View
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Back View

Stand-alone system

PCS500 Button | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024

The Smart Cara PCS500 has a dual heating dry sterilization process & smart energy saving.

It is dried in high temperatures, eradicating food bacteria. Smart Cara’s intelligent energy saving system also automatically stops the system after it is dried.


The Smart Cara PCS500 is inbuilt with a smart receptacle – strong 3 levels of impeller structure and low RPM patent.

It is also designed to be durable and does not produce noise.



The Smart Cara has a clean cabinet system, storing the compost in hygienic conditions.


The Smart Cara has a self-cleaning system to provide a more convenient cleaning experience.

Simply add water to the receptacle and press the cleaning button.

Where the Accessories Fit In

eco filter df10 2 | Ecoponics Singapore | March, 2024

Carbon Filters

Smart Deodorization technology with inbuilt multiple activated carbon to absorb unpleasant odours. Recommended to replace every 6-9 months or depending on usage.

Buy Filter Here

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Grinding Buckets

Durable grinding bucket to help grind all types of waste into powder form.

Buy Filter Here


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To switch on the Smart Cara PCS500, plug in the device and switch on the device with a short press on the ON/OFF button.

To turn off the smart cara PCS500, press and hold the ON/OFF button for 7 seconds. The ON/OFF button light should go out, indicating that the device is successfully switched off.

Pausing the operation will interrupt the drying/grinding or cooling cycle of the device and might take longer for the cycle to complete.

The dehydrated output can be used for fertilizing plants and greenery. This output is known as secondary compost.

No. The smart cara does not use microbes to decompose the waste, thus the output would be considered as secondary compost.

Secondary compost will mean that nutrients does not get absorbed immediately by the plants, it will have to undergo natural decomposition in the soil before the plants are able to absorb the nutrients.

Most raw/cooked food can be placed in the Smart Cara.

However, for foods with high starch/carbohydrate content, we would like to recommend that the food is mixed with other types of food as processing starchy food might cause the food to solidify over time, damaging the blades/ stainless steel barrel.

Do avoid:

  • Bones
  • Liquids (soups, gravy, oil, juice etc)

Items that are unable to be processed in the smart cara are:

  • Stones
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Plastic 
  • Bones
  • Cardboard
  • Hard paper
  • Utensils
  • Liquids

For cleaning, ensure that the device itself is free from any food debris/spillages.

To clean the stainless-steel barrel, use the self-cleansing function by filling half the barrel with water. Do not use any soap/washing detergent!

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One of the possible reasons for the smart cara to stop turning/grinding the food waste could be due to caramelization (for fruits/food with high starch content). These ingredients will solidify and might affect the motor.

To rectify this issue, clear the residue of the barrel by adding hot water into the barrel and let it soak. Repeat the process until you are able to clear the residue fully!

Yes. Depending on usage, it is strongly encouraged to replace the smart cara filters every 6-9 months or simply replace it once there is an odour from the system!

At the moment in Singapore, we do not offer Smart Cara filter recycling service. Put the filters in a box/plastic bag and discard the used filters. If you are based overseas, check if you are able to send the used filters for recycling!

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Ensure that the device is at least 3ocm away from walls/any obstruction. There should also be a power source. 

Ensure that the barrel is inserted correctly, and it is in "lock" mode. 

Keep away from children & pets.

Ensure that the device is at least 3ocm away from walls/any obstruction. There should also be a power source. 

Ensure that the barrel is inserted correctly, and it is in "lock" mode. 

Keep away from children & pets.

Ensure that the device is at least 3ocm away from walls/any obstruction. There should also be a power source. 

Ensure that the barrel is inserted correctly, and it is in "lock" mode. 

Keep away from children & pets.