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#1 Team Building Activities in Singapore

Ecoponics is introducing Singapore’s most celebrated Team Building and Family Bonding activities that will help you stay connected and engaged with your people and explore new things with them.

We are the country’s largest single platform for both formal and informal events ― all arranged in the venues of your choice

Besides immense learning, fun, and excitement, we offer an exceptional set of activities that will help you as a leader, family head, and corporate manager.

You can rely on us completely because we boast our award-winning experiences. We uplift the spirits of the people you care about and help you boost their morale.

If you want to have fun and learn at the same time, we are just a call away!

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Fun with Nature: Grow your own Terrarium and Plants in Singapore!


Why buy terrarium plants when you can build your own? Our school and corporate workshops in Singapore showcase the basics of growing your own mini garden in a bottle .

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Be a fun-guy (fungi) and grow your own grey oyster mushrooms, while learning about the fungal kingdom and food security!

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STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

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Join us for the best Food Waste Composters and Enrichment Programmes in Singapore.

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Stay home & experience our workshops at the comforts of your own home, conducted via video conferencing platforms!

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Experience growing your own plants hydroponically without the use of soil! 

Explore our hydroponics programmes or browse our DIY hydroponics systems.

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team building | Home | Ecoponics Singapore September 2021
We Provide Fun & Exciting Team Bonding Activities

Wide Variety & Various Options to choose from!

At Ecoponics, our fun & exciting team bonding workshops allows you and your loved ones to have a great time bonding over a craft activity.

We are experienced in the following events – Corporate Team Bonding in Singapore, Hens Party in Singapore, Birthday Parties and many more.

Art Jamming Workshops are a quite common part of indoor team building activities in Singapore. It is mostly chosen by families, corporates, and schools to introduce a new concept in their systems and bring the members together. 

This special indoor activity is designed to remove differences between two individuals. Art Jamming is a popular kind of ice breaking activity that has potential to delight and create excitement among a huge gathering of individuals. It is popular in both formal and casual settings. 

Perceived as an incredible stress reliever and stress buster, Art Jamming sessions in Singapore are a remedial action to loosen up and ease all kinds of emotional strains.  Following a long and tiring day at work, school,  or life in general can get really stressful at times ― we help you get rid of it all within seconds. 

Other than being an extraordinary pressure reliever and treatment, Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore is a vogue approach to connect the social loops between colleagues, relatives, or members on any occasion. This can be introduced in various events ― for example, courses, birthday celebrations, workshops, parties, and so on. 

Navigate to Art Jamming Workshops to find out more about packages, deals, and offers. 

Terrarium Building Workshops

Terrarium building workshops in Singapore and other indoor exercises by Ecoponics in Singapore ― joining everybody by boosting creative minds and adding fun components in craftsmanship. 

At the completion of this workshop you will have made your own great artwork. You can add your favorite plants and use your favorite plant pot from our wide cluster of alternatives. You can pick any color, and make them a piece of your work of art by adding a touch or personalization ― we will guide you through each step of building. 

We make everything to occur as powerful and knowledgeable by offering various types of assistance like no other ― Ecoponics is currently offering a wide cluster of indoor exercises with a bit of expressions and specialties that would create excitement and make you able to add fun even to the bluntest of occasions. It doesn’t matter whether you want to arrange a corporate event or family event ― we make everything happen.

Navigate to Terrarium Building Workshops to find out more about packages, deals, and offers.

Candle Making Workshops

Candles are stunning for making any space cozy, comfortable, and warm. Besides illuminating a room without hiking your electricity bills, they are great for loosening up in the wake of a monotonous day. In any case, candles are a budget-friendly way to light up an occasion. You should illuminate them often considering their highly affordable price tags.  

If introduced as a team bonding activity, candle making workshops can be a great source of joy and learning for the attendees ― they will surely enjoy it to the fullest and love being a part of something as healing and beautiful as candle making workshops.  

Team bonding activities might sound like a boring idea to some owing to its tedious and monotonous image we have created in our minds. By introducing budget-friendly team bonding activities such as Candle Making workshops, Ecoponics has made this process joyful, straightforward, and more open by introducing quality, knowledge and reasonableness. 

Navigate to Candle Making Workshops to find out more about packages, deals, and offers.

Leather Crafting Workshops

At Ecoponics we believe that everyone has some story to tell. We are the protagonists of our stories and we want to create something inspirational from our lives. Leather making and leather craft activities are not any different than telling tales. 

From a leather handbag to purse ― you can create everything that you want. Gift it to the people you care about, start a business, or just keep it as a hobby ― there is so much that you can do with this activity. 

Get in touch with Ecoponics and book a slot for yourself and your team, learn the art of Leather making with our range of activities.

Fun with Nature: Grow your own Terrarium and Plants in Singapore!

Why not make it yourself? At EcoPonics’ workshops, you can build a terrarium all by yourself. Keen customers can also buy readymade glass jars of terrarium plants in Singapore and have them sent to their doorstep with our delivery services.

EcoPonics offers the best terrarium kits in Singapore which you can use to design on your own. You can buy from our wide range of terrarium plants and craft supplies from our online shop in Singapore. We offer terrarium glass jars of different sizes and a huge assortment of plants and decorative items. We also offer delivery services when you buy our DIY kits and terrarium plants in Singapore. Self-collection can be made available with appointment.

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