Food Security & Urban Farming


 Science and Environmental enrichment programme that covers mainly on food security and urban farming with a focus on hydroponics.

Aeroponics Workshops

Gives students an insight into what aeroponics is and how it differs from other various urban farming methods. 

Students will be able to understand the concept of urban farming and its importance in sustainable agriculture. 

Aquaponics workshops

The introduction to aquaponics workshop aims to explain to participants the basics of agriculture and aquaculture within an ecosystem and how this urban farming method is beneficial for urban communities as well as the environment.

mushroom growing workshops

The Learning Science Through Mushroom Growing workshop introduces students to the fungal kingdom as they explore diversity in the Primary 3 Science syllabus. Students will learn what exactly is a mushroom, how it differs from plants, as well as the importance of food security & growing their own food.

Urban Farming Singapore - urban farming - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024


Advanced plant cultivation systems designed to create an environment that optimizes the growth of plants by utilizing a unique technique wherein plants are grown in the air without the need for a medium such as soil or water.

In aeroponic systems, plant roots are suspended in the air, and the nutrients essential to plant growth are delivered to them through a nutrient-rich mist. This mist is created by a fine misting system that sprays a nutrient-rich solution onto the roots.


Hydroponic systems allow you to grow plants without soil using special technology such as water pumps, timers, and lights. The goal is to grow plants in a controlled environment and obtain the most significant amount of produce possible.

Hydroponics can be used to grow anything, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.





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