ART Experiene Kits

These Art kits aim towards nurturing the creative side of our little creatives!

Explore your children’s artistic talents and hone their art skills with Ecoponics’ Art Experience Kits! Create a beautiful masterpiece with these art experience kits and be amazed at your creations.

Why ART Kits

Art experience kits are carefully selected to ensure fun & safe experiences for you and your child. Here are some reasons why our Art Experience Kits might be suitable for your little ones

Allows for creative thinking

As with any art experiences of various mediums, our art experience kits allows for creative thinking and encourages children to think out of the box, developing an essential soft skill!

Express your creativity

Creating a beautiful masterpiece with the art experience kits allows you and your child to bond while working on a common activity, and at the same time encourages you and your child to express creativity!

Train their fine motor skills

Children will be able to train their fine motor skills especially in the early years. Our art experience kits allows children to explore various art mediums such as painting, moulding clay, folding paper origami and more, depending on your selection. These activities are designed for a wholesome hands-on experience!

Art Kit | Ecoponics Singapore | June, 2024


With various activities that allows them to work with a wide variety of art materials, you’ll be amazed at what these little ones can do with our Art Kits! Have a newfound love for art and who knows, you’ll have a budding mini Picasso in the making!

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