Smart Cara


Turn food waste into a handful of dried powder that makes a great fertilizer for plants and flowers.

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What is Smart Cara?

The Smart Cara is a food waste dehydrator that reduces food waste by undergoing 2 different processes – drying, grinding and cooling. The output would be dried powder, also known as secondary compost – makes great fertilizer for plants!

We offer the following models of the smart cara for various needs:

  1. PCS350 – 1kg Capacity (suitable for household use!)
  2. PCS500 – 5kg Capacity

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Find out how SmartCara works

Why Choose Smart Cara?

Achieve your zero waste goals with Smart Cara! The Smart Cara helps to break down up to 90% of its original weight and the output of secondary compost can be used as fertilizer for growing plants – no waste is being lost in the process.

Designed to be a low maintenance system, this device comes with a self-cleaning function & its built-in filter helps to absorb any unpleasant odours!


Smart volume reduction rate through drying, grinding and cooling – and the whole process just takes 4 hours!

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3 Simple Steps to Begin

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Step 1: Adding Food Waste

Remove the stainless steel barrel and add in your food waste until the marker.

Read the user manual to find out which type of waste would be suitable for the machine.


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Step 2: Start The Machine

Press the start button to begin the drying process!

Upon pressing the start button, the processes will begin automatically and the cycle will complete within 3-5 hours.

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Step 3: Compost Collection

Collect the secondary compost and store it in a container. Do not store the compost in an airtight container if the compost is warm as condensation will cause the compost to be mouldy.

For planting, compost must be covered with top soil to prevent pest infestation.

Available in Two Options

Smart Cara PCS350

Smart Cara PCS500