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You can create your own personalised candle with your favourite colours and scents! There are various options, ranging from soy and gel candles, to choose from!

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Candle Making Workshop Ecoponics | Ecoponics Singapore | May, 2024

What is Candle Making

Candles are stunning for making any space cozy, comfortable, and warm. Besides illuminating a room without hiking your electricity bills, they are great for loosening up in the wake of a monotonous day. In any case, candles are a budget-friendly way to light up an occasion. You should illuminate them often considering their highly affordable price tags.  

If introduced as a team bonding activity, candle making workshops can be a great source of joy and learning for the attendees ― they will surely enjoy it to the fullest and love being a part of something as healing and beautiful as candle making workshops.  

Team bonding activities might sound like a boring idea to some owing to its tedious and monotonous image we have created in our minds. By introducing budget-friendly team bonding activities such as Candle Making workshops, Ecoponics has made this process joyful, straightforward, and more open by introducing quality, knowledge and reasonableness. 

We are proud to say that Ecoponics is Singapore’s first established brand for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Workshop Description

Group Size

Min 5 Pax

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!


1-1.5 Hours

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided

Ideal For

  • Children
  • Team Building
  • Learning about Greenery
  • Work together as a team

Benefits of Candle Making

Team Building

Participants will be given the opportunity to discuss the choice and scents for their unique soy candles. With assigned team roles for each member, this creative candle making experience will help to nurture team building on a new level.

Learning Experience

Learn more with others about candles and their various benefits. 

Stress Relief

Scented candles are not only known for being beautiful decor pieces, but also for their soothing and healing benefits.

Candle Making FAQ

A candle is typically a wax cylinder with a wick in the middle, which can be lit to produce light and diffuse scents as it burns.

Of course! You would be able to select the type of candle before the workshop. Our popular product picks are the Scented 2-in-1 Candle and the Basic Soy Candle.

We offers two different types of candle wax - soy wax and gel wax. We use soy wax over paraffin wax as it is a more environmentally-friendly clean burning wax.

Yes! You will be able to bring back the candle that you made with your own two hands straight after the workshop.

You can choose to burn your candle, or simply keep it around for decoration purposes. Just be sure to wait at least 24 hours after the end of your workshop to start burning your candle, so that it has the opportunity to cool down and set completely.

Our facilitators would start by explaining the basic concepts regarding candles and candle wax, before moving onto the hands-on candle making activity. The session would conclude with a photo-taking session with everyone holding their completed candles.

The required materials include a glass container, a wick, and some candle wax! You would also need a hotplate and metal cups to melt the wax, as well as coasters, stirrers, a wick holder and a wick trimmer. All these materials are provided for you at our candle making workshops, along with a variety of candle scents for you to choose from, colours for our soy candle workshops, and decorations for our 2-in-1 candle workshops.

No prior knowledge or experience is required for any workshop at EcoPonics! Our candle making workshops are suitable for beginners and our skilled facilitators will bring you through the process of making your candle step-by-step. Not only would it be an enriching and fulfilling experience for you, but you also get to keep your very own handmade candle at the end of the workshop.

In the hustle and bustle of Singapore's city life, scented candles are wonderful additions to our home and office spaces. Most of us know that they are useful as a light sources to warmly and gently illuminate our rooms, but their scents can also help us to relax and unwind, which is why we recommend you to burn candles during meditation and yoga sessions. During the candle making workshop, you can also express your creativity by designing your candle to look however you want it to be.

Any types of events would go well with a candle making session, including corporate team-building events, school workshops, birthday / hen's parties, and even casual gatherings with your friends and family. 

The candle making workshop is great for teenagers and adults. Since the workshop requires fine motor skills in handling hot candle wax as well as fragile glass containers, it is generally not as suitable for young children.

Our studio workshop can hold up to 50 participants for the candle making workshop. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our studio's current maximum limit is 25 participants. For groups larger than 25, you can choose to book your own venue with a larger maximum capacity and our facilitators can travel to your location. Virtual candle making workshops are not available as it requires supervision from our professional instructors.

Workshop Photos

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