Mushroom Growing Workshop

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Mushroom Growing Workshop

Participants will be introduced to the fungal kingdom and understand why mushrooms are not plants.

The workshop is highly recommended for P3 pupils & up as it ties in with the MOE Science syllabus of diversity!


Workshop Description

Group Size

Min 15 Pax

Mode of Conduct

Virtual; Via Zoom

Face to Face Physical Workshop in School



1 hour

Programme Highlights

In the Mushroom Growing workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand why mushrooms are not plants and that mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom.
  2. Identify the various parts of a mushroom and understand functions of each part of a mushroom.
  3. Students will get a hands-on experience in growing their own grey oyster mushrooms using a grow kit & spray mister bottle!

Ideal For

  • Primary & Secondary School Students 

Why Choose Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ecoponics’ Mushroom growing workshop is a 1-hour programme that teaches students on what are mushrooms, parts of a mushrooms and its functions. To supplement the workshop, participants will be given a grey oyster mushroom growing kit for a fun hands-on experience of growing their very own mushrooms.

The duration of this learning journey is around 1-1.5hours. Should you have a specific duration in mind, do let us know and we will be able to recommend the workshops accordingly!

Ecoponics’ mushroom growing workshop is highly recommended for P3 pupils & up as it ties in with the MOE science syllabus – Diversity. 

Participants will receive a grey oyster mushroom growing kit (able to re-use for 2-3 times), a mister bottle and a handout to supplement the lesson. The workshop will also include guidance from our trainers.

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