Food Waste Awareness Program

On 18 April 2017, Ecoponics held two Food Waste Awareness Programs with Zhonghua Primary School and Beacon Primary School in the light of the current Earth Week.

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With Zhonghua Primary, students got to understand more on food wastage through an engaging assembly talk held by Ecoponics. During the talk, through a short story, students were able to learn the effects of food wastage and why food wastage is wrong in many ways. Besides this, they were also introduced to the different categories of waste and most importantly how much waste Singapore has been producing every year.

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With Beacon Primary school, a booth was set up in their canteen to educate the students on the Smart Cara, a food waste recycling machine. With the help of some of the students who  volunteered as green monitors, Ecoponics was able to use the food waste collected during student recess time to conduct a demonstration using the Smart Cara. During the demonstration, students were shown how the waste they normally threw away can be recycled into compost, a fertilizer for the soil. Some of the students even got some first-hand experience in operating the machine.

For more information on our food waste programs and how you can plan one for your school, do drop us an email at [email protected]


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