Candle Making in Singapore

DIY candles in Singapore is increasingly gaining popularity among children and young adults. It is an extremely fun activity that teaches you a new skill, fosters creativity and gives a therapeutic vibe at the same time. At EcoPonics, we conduct DIY candle making workshops in Singapore for participants who are keen to learn how to create their own.

What You Will Learn

During our DIY candle making workshops at our studio in Singapore, participants will learn the basics of candle pouring, understand the techniques in this art and explore the different natural oils and fragrances used. Participants will also begin to show appreciation to the craft.

We give a choice of three candles – scented,  soy or gel candle – when you sign up for a candle making workshop with us in Singapore. Our trained professionals will guide you through each step and you will be able to bring home a personalised candle of your own creation.

Why Candles?

Scented candles not only beautify the home but also create a soothing atmosphere around the house. These candles come with varied properties and benefits. For instance, aromatherapy candles help to energise the environment and make it more productive. On the other hand, lavender-scented candles are perfect for stress relief. If you need to improve your focus, some eucalyptus candles will help. When you feel your anxiety is getting a little difficult to deal with, lemon candles will give you the calming effect you need.

Soy candles are also beneficial for your health as it produces a much lower amount of soot and burns clean. It is also made from a sustainable resource, making it environmentally friendly.

Whether you choose to make a scented or soy candle, a DIY candle making workshop will be ideal! Especially if you are looking for a good time to unwind and get creative in the most fun way possible 🙂 Our facilitators from Singapore who will bring you through a delightful experience.

Candle making is a therapeutic activity in Singapore to take you away from the stresses of work. Sign up here!

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