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Candle Making Workshops for Bringing People Closer Than Ever

Candles are stunning for making any space cozy, comfortable, and warm. Besides illuminating a room without hiking your electricity bills, they are great for loosening up in the wake of a monotonous day. In any case, candles are a budget-friendly way to light up an occasion. You should illuminate them often considering their highly affordable price tags.  

If introduced as a team bonding activity, candle making workshops can be a great source of joy and learning for the attendees ― they will surely enjoy it to the fullest and love being a part of something as healing and beautiful as candle making workshops.  

Team bonding activities might sound like a boring idea to some owing to its tedious and monotonous image we have created in our minds. By introducing budget-friendly team bonding activities such as Candle Making workshops, Ecoponics has made this process joyful, straightforward, and more open by introducing quality, knowledge and reasonableness. 

We are proud to say that Ecoponics is Singapore’s first established brand for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Ecoponics Candle Making Workshops in Singapore 

Ecoponics is a leading name in Singapore when it comes to introducing arts and crafts activities in family events, formal occasions, or any other programs where you want to create a strong comprehension and bonding among the participants. 

We personally believe that planning group building exercises is extremely challenging and you certainly need expert help to make it effective and achieve the outcomes that you wanted from it. We make it all happen by providing services like no other ― Ecoponics is now offering a wide array of indoor activities with a touch of arts and crafts that can excitement even to the dullest of events no matter you’re in a corporate setting or family

Get a wide array of indoor activities such as art jamming, leather craft making, and candle making at exclusive rates…  

Candle Making and other indoor activities by Ecoponics in Singapore ― uniting everyone by boosting imagination and adding fun elements in artworks. Create a single masterpiece with the joint efforts of your team, family members, or friends. 

We provide you with the expectations of offering individuals an approach to unwind a lot following a monotonous day with moderate and top notch candles. 

Candle Making workshops bring out this feeling of peacefulness and tranquility that cannot be changed with anything else. Despite the fact that the candles are somewhat reasonable, with costs beginning from &10, they are not quite affordable. Hence, you can get your favorite candles made at home by your hands. It can also serve as a great gift.

We Give Experience Like No Other 

Promoting Candle Making Workshops as a Team Bonding Session 

Toward the finish of this workshop you will have made your own wonderful candle. You can add your favorite fragrance into the candle from our wide array of options. You can pick any scent by smelling from the horde of aromas and make them a part of your artwork by mixing cautiously. 

Once you have added the scene into the candle, you will realize why aroma is so relatable and how the feeling of smell triggers recollections far more prominent than the feeling of sight. 

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Candle Making Workshops As a Group Building and Family Bonding Session

From formal courses to easygoing family occasions ― Candle Making Workshops by Ecoponics are making everything informative, insightful, fun, and stimulating. Candle Making Workshops are best for everybody.  No matter how old or young they are, what their gender is, or whatever their role is in the organizational setting. 

Candle Making Workshops are a quite common part of indoor team building activities in Singapore. It is mostly chosen by families, corporates, and schools to introduce a new concept in their systems and bring the members together. 

Book from our broad assortment of group holding meetings in Singapore. 

  • Try not to lose the chance to interface and bond with your colleagues with a wide scope of energizing, imaginative, fun, and innovative group building exercises in Singapore! 
  • Our exercises are coordinated in a promising manner. We help you make each occasion [whether formal or informal] gainful, fascinating, and charming. 
  • We additionally offer modified workshops and exercises in that workshop to show an encounter that you have never had. 
  • Our workshops are designed in such a way that every participant is sure to gain some knowledge and enjoy their time with us. 

The rundown doesn’t end here. We make everything fun, engaging, smart, and enlightening.

Accomplish the Goals, Introduce Fun, and Bond Immensely With Ecoponics ― We Help You Do Wonders Together! 

Relax with Candle Making Workshops Singapore by Contacting Ecoponics Today!

Give freedom to the creative mind in yourself and the people around you ― Express yourself with a dash of creativity with Candle Making workshops by Ecoponics.  

Feel the Thrill in Team Building Singapore by Contacting Ecoponics NOW!

If these words click with you, don’t wait too much to book your unique Candle Making building workshops session with Ecoponics. We have made the session of Candle Making building workshops easy and accessible for everyone. If you are interested, you can reach out to us by using different mediums.

  • Kind of indoor activity or workshop you want to arrange 
  • Schedule details including date and time of the event
  • Venue of your choice 
  • Number of people attending the event 
  • Corporate or informal event

Why Choose Ecoponics?

  • Singapore’s Single Largest Platform for Team Bonding Activities
  • Arranged workshops for many SMBs across Singapore
  • Provided training programs for government organizations 
  • Top rated on Google reviews and Facebook reviews

We are offering following services that you can get yourself and your team or family members registered for:

  • Terrarium Building Activities and Workshops in Singapore
  • Team Building Activities in Singapore
  • Team Bonding Activities in Singapore
  • Candle Making Workshops in Singapore 
  • Science Workshops in Singapore 
  • Arts and Crafts Workshops in Singapore
  • Science Workshops for Primary schools
  • Science Workshops for Secondary schools
  • Science Workshops for Educational Institutions 
  • Science Workshop for Kids and Parents 
  • Different Activities for Primary Classes
  • Terrarium Workshops as a Team Building Session in Singapore
  • Terrarium Building Workshops as aTeam Bonding Activities in Singapore

Remove the Differences Between Everyone With Art Jamming?

Tired of conflicts among your team members or family members? Book a slot with Ecoponics now! 

Art Jamming Workshops are a quite common part of indoor team building activities in Singapore. It is mostly chosen by families, corporates, and schools to introduce a new concept in their systems and bring the members together. 

We help you take your conflict resolution skills to a whole new level with our beautifully crafted activities ― doing that no other can in Singapore! 

Regardless of how sound, positive, and flourishing a working environment or family setting is, there is no chance that you can prevent differences of opinions. As it were, debates are a thing even in the most positive of working environments. In order to avoid the clashes and resolve conflicts, you can take a stand as a leader and bring everyone on the same page. 

Whatever the base of the issue is, whenever left uncertain or not focused on, contradictions can seriously influence everyone’s confidence, inspiration, and efficiency. 

In these cases, family settings are not any different than corporate settings. It means, regardless of whether you feel that you are living among the most cheerful individuals, no one can tell what they are holding in. 

Get everything done with a magic wand ― Art Jamming workshops in Singapore.

A minimum of 5 pax is required to start our Candle Making Workshop.

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