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Energy Saving Hacks for Schools – Live Green!

With more than 300 educational institutions in Singapore, schools definitely have a big impact on the energy consumption levels of Singapore. As such, if we are able to make even a small reduction in the energy consumption levels of each school, we would then be able to significantly reduce the energy consumption levels of Singapore. With this articles, we’ll be telling you some energy saving hacks which will help you to cut back on your energy usage!

Energy Saving Hack #1: Light Bulbs Replacement

Replace your school’s fluorescent light bulbs with other more efficient alternatives! Lights are necessary for the proper running of the school, and as such, this simple switch will bring you great cost savings! Not only does standard fluorescent lights consume more energy, they also produce more heat as compared to LED lights. Furthermore, some LED lights even allow you to change the brightness of the lights!

2. Practise Recycling!

And also reducing, reusing and refusing. As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words”. While many would have heard countless times the importance of the 4Rs, few put it into practice. Schools can come up with creative methods to encourage students to actively practise recycling. Think of ways to make recycling fun! Make it a class effort and reward classes who recycle! Celebrate World Water Day and World Environmental Day! The possibilities are endless so get your creative juices flowing!

3. Install Sensors

Although it would incur a relatively higher initial cost, installing motion sensors may greatly reduce your electricity bills in the long run! Light sensors can be installed selectively, such as in bathrooms, halls or toilets to increase the efficiency of the sensors. It is common that lights remain switched on even though everyone has left the room, which leads to a huge amount of electricity wastage. This will no longer be a problem if you install motion sensors! These sensors are able to detect movement and thus will be able to detect when a room is empty. When the room is empty, the sensors will operate to turn the lights off. Pretty neat right? Not only will you be able to reduce your electricity bills, you will also be doing your part for the environment! 🙂

We hope you picked up some useful energy saving hacks! See you in our next article 🙂


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