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How to Store Artwork

Just finished an Art Jamming Workshop with EcoPonics but have yet to find the perfect spot to display it? Fret not! Simply store your artwork in the mean time! However, do take note not to simply stash your artwork carelessly in the store room! This might ruin your artwork and all the effort spent on creating your masterpiece would be wasted 🙁 In order to prevent this from happening, EcoPonics will now be giving you some tips on how you should store your artwork! Read on to find out more.

Steps on how to store your Artwork

Ecoponics’ Art Jamming sessions are conducted with canvases. Given the texture of canvases, it is easy for the canvas to slightly distort in shape and size when it is exposed to different temperatures and humidity levels. When this happens, the acrylic paint on the canvas may peel off or even crack. Changes in humidity levels and temperature might even cause mold to grow, if one does not take extra care. Therefore, it would be ideal if you could store your canvas in a cool (around 21°C) and dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight!

Furthermore, should you own more than 1 artwork, do take note not to stack the canvases directly on top of one another! You should always put some padding or cushioning in between the art pieces. Bubble wraps or even cardboard will do the trick!

Whenever possible, also place your canvases on a flat and level surface. It would also be ideal if you could place a cloth over the artwork, so that your artwork would not be dirtied by dust! However, do remember to air them out once in a while if you plan to store them away for long periods of time.

Those are the basic tips on how you should store your artwork!

For more information with regards to our Art Jamming Workshop*, please email us at [email protected]

(*Do not that you will have to gather at least 5 pax before we can kick start the workshop for you.)



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