Experiential Learning – The Importance of Hands On Activities

Experiential Learning | Experiential Learning - The Importance of Hands On Activities | Ecoponics August 2021louis reed JeInkKlI2Po unsplash | Ecoponics Singapore | May, 2024

Here at EcoPonics, we offer a wide range of Science related workshops such as mushroom growing workshops, terrarium making workshops and even food waste learning journeys. This is in line with our belief that experiential learning is extremely beneficial to the learning process of all students. Besides adding a little bit of fun to normally dry lessons, experiential activities also make learning more effective. Here’s why!

Through experiential learning, students are able to retain information better. This is because not only do their minds remember the new bits of information they took in, their bodies will also be familiar with the activity that they had previously conducted before. The mind and the body thus work together to help in the retention of new information, ensuring that the new bit of information is digested well.

The added element of fun in lessons through activities will also spark an interest in the students, causing them to be more engaged and interested in the lesson. This will in turn help them to be able to understand the theories behind the experiments and activities. Furthermore, when conducted in a classroom context, the activity might lead to the exchange of conversation and debate amongst classmates, which helps them to reinforce what they have learnt.

activity boys children 1153976 | Ecoponics Singapore | May, 2024Experiential Learning | Experiential Learning - The Importance of Hands On Activities | Ecoponics August 2021

It is extremely important to engage students and get them interested in the topic they are learning, as these may help to increase the students’ curiosity, and encourage them to do more in-depth learning. Only with interest will students do independent learning outside of the classroom, which will increase their familiarity with the topic, and eventually, their expertise.

Convinced of the many benefits of experiential learning? Engage us for a enriching session today! For more queries, do drop us an email at [email protected], and we will attend to you shortly 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!


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