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Medium Aquaponics Educational System

We have created a medium Aquaponics setup, meant for educational purposes. Used for Aquaponics workshops in primary and secondary schools in Singapore, our Aquaponics educational system consists of a 400-litre fish tank with a 200-litre grow bed above it. A bio filter is also installed on the grow bed to help convert the fish waste into useful products for the plants.

We have used the raft method for this set up, with about 30 holes to insert the net pots into. As this is just an educational system and not a commercial type, net pots are recommended for easier handling.

There are about 40 tilapia fish in the fish tank to provide fertilisers for the plants in the grow bed. We are planning to add much more tilapia in future.  Hopefully we can eat them for dinner in a few months’ time!

Here are some photos of our Aquaponics educational system for you to enjoy!

Aquaponics Educational system Singapore Ecoponics Aquaponics

400L fish tank and 200L grow bed Singapore Ecoponics Aquaponics


Aquaponics Educational System Singapore Ecoponics Aquaponics

Holes to insert Net Pots


Aquaponics Educational System Singapore Ecoponics Aquaponics

A look at the plants growing


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