Top 4 Terrarium Misconceptions You Might Have Heard

Whenever we conduct our terrarium workshops for corporates, we hear a whole lot of misconceptions raised by our friends! Let’s study the common misconceptions that people might have on Terrariums and correct them in this article.

Terrarium Misconceptions

1: You Don’t Need to Water Your Terrarium

Although the terrarium is famous for being self-sustaining, minimal maintenance still needs to be done to ensure the terrarium has a longer lifespan. For open terrariums, where moisture is lost through evaporation at the surroundings, it requires a more regular maintenance. (i.e. frequent watering of plants)

For closed terrariums, we recommend that you water them once a month. After spraying your ready-made terrarium, water will certainly circulate. However, water turns stale after a while, thus it’s important to open up, let the old water evaporate before introducing new water.

  1. All Terrariums Have to be Closed

Top 4 Terrarium Misconceptions You Might Have Heard - Terrarium misconceptions - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024

Closed terrariums are generally better as water is being circulated in the terrarium ecosystem. However, you can convert your closed terrariums by opening it! However, as you open your terrariums, water is being lost through evaporation in the air, thus open terrariums require more maintenance! Read the difference between open and closed terrariums here (https://www.ecoponics.com.sg/difference-closed-open-terrariums/)

  1. All Types of Plants Can be Placed in Your Terrarium

Top 4 Terrarium Misconceptions You Might Have Heard - Terrarium misconceptions - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024

As a terrarium generally requires little maintenance, it is important for the plants to be resilient even in harsh conditions like terrariums. Not all plants can be placed in your terrarium. For instance, for closed terrariums, plants are expected to thrive well in conditions with high humidity like the nerve plant!

For open terrariums, it is recommended for succulents, or plants that doesn’t require a lot of water to be placed in it!

  1. Terrariums Do Not Last Very Long

The lifespan of a terrarium ultimately depends on how you care for it and the environment plays a role as well! On average, a terrarium can last around an approximately of 2 years.

Now that you’ve learned all about terrariums, lets educate our friends who aren’t aware! To engage us for terrarium workshops, do contact us at [email protected]. A minimum of 5 pax will allow us to start a workshop.


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