3 Common Terrarium Making Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

As many of you may already know, terrariums are very easy to make and requires very low maintenance. However, it does not mean that nothing can go wrong while or after making a terrarium. Below is a list of 3 common mistakes that people who are new to terrarium making might make!

  1. Terrarium making mistake – placing terrarium under direct sunlight
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    Due to the nature of terrariums being usually done in glass containers, placing it under direct sunlight may “cook” your plants as the inner temperature of the terrarium would increase drastically. This is because the glass containers may amplify the intensity of the sunlight shining onto the terrarium, similar to a magnifying glass! The heat would also be trapped inside the glass containers because of the high humidity in it. So please avoid placing your terrariums under direct sunlight as well as near heat sources such as your kitchen oven, computer, etc. Instead, keep them indoors in a room temperature environment, such as in your office, on your dressing table, or even next to your bed, so you can talk to your plant before you go to bed everyday!
  2. Terrarium making mistake – an insufficient light exposure
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    Likewise, terrariums would not be able to survive without enough light. This is because plants need light to photosynthesise and serves as a signal for them to photosynthesise. If it is stored in a dark environment 24/7, the plant would think that it is night time throughout, and would result in the plant only going through respiration. This would cause there to only be carbon dioxide left in the in the terrarium and the plant would then die shortly. So, very importantly, keep your terrariums in places where there is adequate amounts of ambient light following the day cycle. Refer to point no. 1 above for recommended places to place your terrariums at!
  3. Terrarium making mistake – adding too much decorations
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    A key component necessary for a terrarium to thrive is the presence of sufficient amounts of water. The plants absorb the water through their roots which requires the soil to be adequately moist. By adding too much decorations on top of the soil layer, it may result in water being trapped in between the layers of decoration, and hence not able to reach the soil to be absorbed by the roots of the plants. Eventually, the soil goes dry and the plant no longer has water to absorb, resulting in the plant drying up and dying. The trapped layer of water between the layers of decoration could also cause the plant to decompose, resulting in death of the plants and emission of foul odours. The most simple way to avoid this from happening, would be to decorate the terrarium sparingly. Use only a thin layer of rocks or coloured sand to decorate your terrariums to create a simple, beautiful terrarium which is ideal for the plants to grow!

That’s all for the 3 common terrarium making mistakes. Hopefully you’ve learnt something new from reading this article! Interested in having a terrarium workshop in Singapore, or to to engage us for your event? Kindly contact us at [email protected] or simply call us at +65 6553 5663 for a quotation or for any enquiries!

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