Button Fern Terrarium Maintenance Tips!

We at Ecoponics regularly organize terrarium making workshops for both individuals and groups. In this article we will touch on the Button fern plant variety.

About Button Ferns

Button ferns are easy going plants and require relatively low levels of maintenance as compared to the delicate, lacy relatives of the fern family. Tiny, circular and leathery leaves grow along its thin stems with branches that stretch to roughly a foot long at most.

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Source: Button fern (open terrarium by Ecoponics)

Native Habitat of Button Ferns

Button ferns are indigenous to rock faces and limestone cliffs – i.e. they thrive well in dry environments. As such, allow it to dry after watering and reduce misting frequencies as compared to other ferns.

Water balance is key! How often your button fern requires water depends on a myriad of factors such as: The soil mix, type of container, the season, light intensity and type, drainage, temperature & humidity and water.

A large display terrarium planted with bromeliads and ferns

Source: Button fern growing on rock faces 

Conditions that Button Ferns Thrive in

Soil MixYour soil mix must drain well. Thus its crucial to add sand and peat moss to the mix. Because it is very sensitive to dampness, the button fern does not bode well in a moist environment. As such be sure to incorporate an effective and efficient drainage system in your button fern soil mix.

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Light IntensityEnsure that you place your button fern in areas of lower light intensity during summer and areas of higher intensity during winter.

Temperature and HumidityThe button fern thrives well in an environment of moderate humidity and room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

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WaterBe sure to let the soil mix dry off before and after watering – it must not be left soggy. In addition, do note that the button fern does not require frequent misting.

Note: If you are not too sure how much your button fern requires, avoid over-watering it. As long as you do that, there will be leeway for experimentation. A key tip would be to pay constant attention to the fronds. As long as they are greenish in color, continue doing what you are doing. Brown tips indicate that your terrarium requires higher levels of humidity.

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