Getting Rid of Mould in Your Terrarium in 3 Simple Steps

We at Ecoponics regularly organize terrarium making workshops for both individuals and groups. In this article we will touch on the conditions that enable mould to thrive as well as the various methods of mould removal.

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What is Mould and its Role in Nature’s Ecosystem?

Mould is a branch of the fungi family. Due to their ability to break down organic matter, they play a major role in our ecosystem – as decomposers. Mould, being a type of fungi, depends on other organisms for the provision of their food source.

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Where Can We Find Mould?

Mould may grow around the glass walls of your terrarium or on the soil layer itself. Regardless of which, fret not, it is practically harmless to your fittonias.

Conditions under which mould thrive:

  1. Warm and humid environments
  2. Indirect sunlight: Mould thrives in dark and dim areas devoid of direct sunlight.
  3. Growing medium: A growing medium is a growthbed with sufficient nutrients for mould to grow and spore. Mould thrives on organic matter. Examples of which can be paper, leather or surfaces covered with organic matter such as soil or food.

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Getting Rid of Mould

To remove mould from your terrarium bottle follow the procedure as listed below:

  1. Dampen the moldy portion of your terrarium to minimize the amount of airborne spores released during the mould removal process.
  2. Simply scrub off the dampen mould. Using an absorbent material like a sponge or a tissue paper.
  3. After removing the mould, leave the bottle to air and dry before watering your plants again.

How to Ensure that Mould Does Not Grow Again

To prevent mould from growing again. Make sure to air your terrarium bottle once every month (3 days in a row) before watering it. This process is much needed because without airing, water in your terrarium will grow stale and stale water is a great catalyst for spore germination.

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