EcoPonics believes that the best way for students to learn and fully understand a science concept is to experience it personally.

Adhering closely to Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Syllabus, we aim to ignite students’ creativity and interest in Science by relating the concepts to their daily encounters.

Learning Science Through Aquaponics

Singapore’s first Aquaponics enrichment programme designed to help students apply what they have learned from textbooks to real life scenarios.

“Learning Science through Aquaponics” is a programme filled with lots of fun and interactive activities relating to plants, fishes and Aquaponics. Students are guaranteed a wonderful experience learning with us.

Furthermore, it exposes them to new Science knowledge which they will only learn at a higher level, and recaps existing knowledge which they have learnt through textbooks. These could spark their interest in Science!

Want to know more about Aquaponics? Click here >>

Terrarium Making Workshop

A Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

Learn about the science behind terrariums when creating your own unique garden in a bottle.

Join our fun and engaging Terrarium making workshop now!

Learning Science Through Growing Vegetables

Who says you can’t learn about growing your own vegetables in this concrete garden?

Learn about the science behind growing vegetables at your own backyard!

Join our fun and engaging Vegetable Growing class now! Contact us.

Learning Science Through Growing Mushrooms

Want to have some fun while learning about these fungis? Or do you simply just want to experience growing your own mushrooms?

There’s so much room for learning about Mushrooms.

Join our mushroom growing workshop today to know more! Contact us.

ECOPONICS is proud to be the Official Education Provider for “Learning Science Through Growing Mushroom” with the Mushroom Kingdom Singapore. 

Learning Science Through Butterfly Growing


Butterfly Growing is an enrichment programme, specially curated for Primary 4 and 5. It provides students with a deeper understanding of butterflies and their role in nature, exposes them to new Science knowledge pertaining to the science of butterflies. There’s so much room for learning about Mushrooms.

Join our butterfly growing workshop today to know more! Contact us at (+65) 6553 5663 for any enquiries.


Food Waste Management Enrichment Programme

We provide education services in the following areas:

  • Assembly talks
  • Specifically-designed enrichment programs
    (Educating students on Environmental Science and Sustainability)
  • Learning journeys to Semakau Landfill

We believe that every little bit helps in the conservation of our environment, and what better way to help than to educate the future of Singapore on environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness? Through our educational programmes, we aim to inculcate green practices and habits in schools, and show students that everyone can play their part in conserving the environment.

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