Terrarium Workshops for Students

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Ecoponics specializes in Terrarium Workshops for students and corporate clients. In this article, we will share some of the key highlights that we adopt whenever we conduct the workshop for schools. Terrarium Workshops for Students Creating a terrarium is easy. Everyone who has the knowledge can create their own. It’s even searchable online if you […]

Terrarium Workshop Singapore: When It’s Time To Open Your Terrariums

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If you have enrolled in our Terrarium Workshops for Corporates, or as a leisure activity, or with your school through Ecoponics’ Terrarium Singapore, you will learn that closed terrariums require less maintenance. While making closed terrariums require less maintenance as compared to an open terrarium, there are sometimes when you need to open your terrariums for […]

Why You Should Start Making a Terrarium

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Need a little help in reasoning out why you should start making your very own terrarium if you haven’t done so already? In this article, we will share some reasons why you should start making your very first terrarium. Low Maintenance A terrarium, as compared to a normal potted plant in gardens, requires lower maintenance. […]

Top 4 Terrarium Misconceptions You Might Have Heard

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Whenever we conduct our terrarium workshops for corporates, we hear a whole lot of misconceptions raised by our friends! Let’s study the common misconceptions that people might have on Terrariums and correct them in this article. Terrarium Misconceptions 1: You Don’t Need to Water Your Terrarium Although the terrarium is famous for being self-sustaining, minimal […]

4 Benefits Of Grey Oyster Mushrooms!

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Since ECOPONICS’ launch of our new science programme, “Learning Science Through Mushroom Growing” with Grey Oyster Mushrooms,  we’ve had numerous positive feedback with schools telling us that they enjoyed the mushroom growing class and are very happy to receive the mushroom grow kits during the lesson. The growkit that each and every student will receive […]

Endeavour Primary’s Local Farm Journey

ezgif 2 4428b10f9ad7 | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024

On 12 April 2017, Ecoponics conducted an enriching learning journey for Endeavour Primary School, educating the students on Singapore’s local farm. At the start of the learning journey, students were prompted to think about the origins of the food they were eating on a daily basis and also the locations of some local farms. During […]

Food Waste Awareness Program

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On 18 April 2017, Ecoponics held two Food Waste Awareness Programs with Zhonghua Primary School and Beacon Primary School in the light of the current Earth Week. With Zhonghua Primary, students got to understand more on food wastage through an engaging assembly talk held by Ecoponics. During the talk, through a short story, students were […]

Smart Cara: Transforming Your Food Waste to Fertilizers at the Touch of a Button

Smart Cara Machine | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024

Every day, people around the world throw food away without giving much thought to the amount of limited valuable resources (i.e. water and energy) invested into its production. In 2015 alone, food waste in Singapore reached a whopping amount of 785,500 tonnes. Shockingly, only a small fraction (13%) was recycled. The remaining hefty 683,385 tonnes […]

World Food Day 2016: Climate is Changing. Food and Agriculture Must Too.

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World Food Day Banner. Image credit October 16 marks World Food Day – a day not celebrated by stuffing ourselves with food, but a global movement to declare our commitment to alleviate hunger. Hunger might not be something that one in Singapore can relate to. With food being a stone’s throw away, we tend to […]

Vermicomposting in Your Home

26Organic Farming | Ecoponics Singapore | April, 2024

This week, we’ll be detailing how you can start vermicomposting in your own home! This type of composting relies on a specific species of worms to speed up the decomposition process, and produces worm waste, or castings, which are highly nutritious when used as fertilizer for plants. Vermicomposting is very suited for the home, as […]