Ecoponics: DIY Terrarium Toolkits

Personalized DIY Terrarium Toolkits

To all avid terrarium lovers who do not have the time to partake in a terrarium making workshop but would like to design and make one that they could call their very own, we offer DIY terrarium toolkits which you can purchase directly at our storefront or at our website. Because of the user friendliness of our DIY toolkit, it is kid friendly and elderly friendly too. So you are never too young or old to use one.

diy terrarium

Ecoponics DIY Terrarium Toolkits

We conduct both science & corporate based terrarium & aquaponics workshops in singapore. Additionally, we also provide DIY terrarium kits to be on sale on our website and storefront. Their user friendliness meant that participants of all age groups can use it to create gifts for their love ones.

Ecoponics Terrarium Activities

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