Leather Maintenance Tips – How to Care For Your Leather Goods

Just finished an upcycling leather crafting workshop with us? Leather is well known for its sturdiness and glossy appearance. With this article, we will be sharing with you some leather maintenance tips, to help you maintain your leather goods in tip-top condition.

Without proper care, leather can easily stain or dry up, which might cause it to crack, or even shrink. To ensure that these do not happen, make sure to follow the care tips below!

Before adopting a care routine for your leather good, you must first decide how you want your leather good to look like. Do you want it to appear distressed and rouged or kept in a polished and pristine state? The latter will definitely need more care and conditioning than the former.

Leather Polish

Leather Maintenance Tips

You should only use leather polish when you are wearing or carrying your leather goods out for a special occasion, and want to give them that extra glow. Contrary to popular belief, leather polish does not improve the condition of your leather goods at all. However, polishing does help to improve the cleanliness of your leather goods, so it is definitely not a bad thing to do.

Leather Conditioner

To prevent your leather goods from drying up and even cracking, leather conditioners are definitely a must! Applying leather conditioner to your leather goods will help to ensure that your leather goods will be able to last longer. Gently apply conditioner to your leather goods once every 3 months, or more often if you would like, especially if the air is especially dry. Otherwise, you can also wipe your leather goods with a damp cloth for a more fuss-free alternative 🙂

Do take note to always keep your leather goods in a well ventilated place, especially if you plan to store your leather goods away when they are not in use. You must also make sure that your leather good is not exposed to direct sunlight, as too much heat might cause the leather to shrink, and even fade in colour.

That is all for our basic leather maintenance tips! If you have any other leather maintenance tips, do share them by leaving a comment below!


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