Say Goodbye to Disposable and Hello to Reusables!

Did you know that using reusables saves an estimated 100 pieces of a disposable version of the item? While using disposables have become an everyday practice for most of us as we use disposable straws, plastic containers, plastic bags, etc. Perhaps it is time for us to kick the habit and do our part for the environment. Here’s a list of reusables (+ where you can get them!) you can read through to help you get started!

1. Reusables 101: Straws

Screen Shot 2019 06 24 at 11.18.05 AM | Ecoponics Singapore | May, 2024| Say Goodbye to Disposable and Hello to Reusables! | Ecoponics August 2021

Stainless steel straws, silicon straws, and even glass straws. There are a wide variety of straws that you can consider replacing your plastic straws with. Did you know that just in the United States alone, more than 500,000,000 plastic straws are used everyday. This leads to a huge amount of waste, and plastic pollution given that plastic straws are designed to last for a very long time, but in reality, are disposed of after a short period of time. Say no to plastic straws and make the change to reusable straws today!

For cheaper options, BPA free collapsible silicon straws and stainless steel straws are also available at EPIC Workshops now! Do drop them an email at [email protected] to purchase 🙂

2. Reusable Shopping Bags

| Say Goodbye to Disposable and Hello to Reusables! | Ecoponics August 2021

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Did you know that the world uses around 500 billion to 1 trillion bags every year? Due to its convenience, we use plastic bags to carry anything and everything. Furthermore, they are cheap and readily available. However, given how much plastic pollution it is generating, it is high time that we reconsider our practices and opt for more environmentally friendly options instead. Make the switch to nylon, canvas or even waxed reusable bags today!

3. Reusable: Utensils

| Say Goodbye to Disposable and Hello to Reusables! | Ecoponics August 2021good soul shop 1535474 unsplash | Ecoponics Singapore | May, 2024

With the fast pace of life of today, we often have to order food to-go in order to give us the needed fuel to get through the day. As a result, more than a 100 million pieces of plastic utensils are thrown away in the United States alone in a day. Since plastic is non-biodegradeable, they can take up to a thousand years to decompose, leading to plastic pollution. Other than metal which might be a little heavy to carry around, there are also other alternatives for reusable utensils, such as bamboo, wheat straw and wooden utensils! 🙂
For cheaper options, stainless steel portable cutlery sets are also available at EPIC Workshops Singapore! Do drop them an email at [email protected] to purchase 🙂

Aside from the above items we have mentioned, there are many other reusables you can opt for! Take the first step to change the world today 🙂


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