Terrarium Singapore – Benefits of Having Terrariums in the Classroom

Thinking of signing up for a terrarium workshop with EcoPonics Terrarium Singapore but still feeling undecided? Let us help you to make up your mind! Did you know that aside from being a beautiful decor, terrariums can also provide many benefits, when you keep them open. Start reading to find out more!

Fact #1: Smelling Plants Help to Reduce Stress Levels!

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With the fierce competition that is ever-present in Singapore’s education system, it is of no surprise that most students are constantly feeling stressed. Luckily, there is a simple solution to that! According to a study conducted by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, it was found that the simple act of smelling a plant actually helped to reduce the anxiety of the participants! So go ahead and place your terrariums all over your classroom to create the most positive learning environment!

Fact 2: Being in the Presence of Plants Can Induce Calmness

Some scientists argue that humans have biophilia, which posits that humans possess the inherent natural qualities in them which make them more inclined to seek the company of nature, including flora and fauna. Sounds reasonable enough right? After all, who would not like to be in the presence of beautiful plants?

Fact 3: Plants Can Lower the Chances of Germs Spreading in the Air

Not only do plants improve the overall air quality around us, they even have the ability to remove airborne toxins! Learning can only take place in a clean environment, so terrariums are definitely perfect for classrooms! 🙂 Especially given how children have lower immunity to contagious diseases, it is definitely important to keep plants in the classroom!

Did we manage to convince you on the importance of having terrariums in your classroom? Then what are you waiting for? Contact us EcoPonics Terrarium Singapore at [email protected] to book your terrarium making session today! 🙂


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