Fittonia Care Tips – How to Care for Your Fittonia Plant!

Fittonia Care Tips

Just finished a terrarium making workshop with Ecoponics? Here at Ecoponics, we make our terrariums with Fittonia plants, also known as nerve or mosaic plants. With this article, we will be sharing with you some Fittonia care tips, and also letting you know more about the characteristics of the Fittonia plant. Read on to find out more!

First of all, the Fittonia plant is a plant with veiny oval-shaped leaves, and they come in a range of colours, mainly green, red or white.

The Fittonia plant is an indoor houseplant, and it is a low maintenance plant at that, which makes caring for a Fittonia plant very easy. As such, even with minimal care, your Fittonia plant will be able to flourish! Being an indoor plant, your Fittonia plant should be placed away from direct sources of sunlight and away from any sources of heat. This includes your household appliances such as computers, television screens and microwave ovens, as this might cause the plants to dry out very quickly. The ideal temperature to keep a Fittonia plant is the standard room temperature. Like other indoor plants, Fittonia will thrive at room temperature, 25 degree Celsius.

Fittonia plants also thrive under humid conditions, making it a suitable plant to grow not only in terrarium, but also in Singapore as a whole. Given that it is a plant that is able to grow well in a terrarium, another characteristic of the Fitonnia plant is that it is able to survive with little water, which makes it a low maintenance plant. As such, when you plant a Fittonia plant into your terrarium, ensure that the soil in your terrarium is moist, but not too wet, as this might cause the roots of the Fittonia plant to rot, which will shorten its lifespan. To make sure that the soil in your terrarium is not too wet, do air out your closed terrarium once a month. This allows the the old water in your jar evaporate before you re-water the soil.

That’s all for Fittonia care tips! Pretty easy right? Do drop any other queries you may have about the Fittonia plant in the comments section below!


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