Premium Terrarium DIY Kit



Every kit includes the following basics:

  1. 1 premium quality glass bottle (10cm x 10cm x 18cm)
  2. 1 packet of gravel for drainage
  3. 1 packet of “Rocks – Pewter Grey”
  4. 1 packet of “Rocks – Snow White”
  5. 1 packet of “Rocks – Skittles”
  6. 1 packet of blue “Fine Stones”
  7. 1 packet of red “Fine Stones”
  8. 1 packet of Organic Compost with Fertiliser
  9. 1 packet of Dried Sphagnum Moss
  10. 1 pair of chopstick
  11. 1 plastic spoon
  12. Step-by-step instructions + instructions on care

We also provide kits with plants, and with extra figurines. Simply choose your option from the drop-down menu.

Fittonia plants provided come in either white or red, subject to availability.
Mushroom figurines come in pairs and colours are randomized.
If a certain colour is preferred for either fittonia or mushrooms, indicate in your comments when you check out and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Additional Information

Kit Type

Complete Kit, Basics Only, Complete Kit with Mushrooms