Terrarium Special Soil Mix


Whats inside our Terrarium Special Soil Mix?

  • Organic Soil
  • Vermiculite
  • Volcanic Sand
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Why do we require a special terrarium soil mix?

Not all types of soil are suitable for Terrariums, especially for closed terrariums. As the environment of a closed terrarium is more moist than usual due to the trapped water vapour, normal gardening soil should not be used as it traps too much water. This is dentrimental to the plants as it results in too much moisture in the terrarium, thus causing plant death.

Thus we recommend our Terrarium Special Soil Mix, which has been specially proportioned to allow your terrarium plants to grow to their maximum potential. Give your terrarium plants a healthier home with our Special Soil Mix!

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Small packet (8cm x 13cm), Medium packet (13cm x 21cm), Large packet (18cm x 26cm)