Corporate Workshops

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. – Luther Burbank

Team building Terrarium workshops for Corporations


Looking for an interesting and fun team building activity for your company?

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Corporate Terrarium Workshops provide opportunities for you to create your own personalised mementos together with your colleagues.

Enjoy the hands-on process alongside your colleagues and get to know them better!

Our pleasant and entertaining trainers will definitely make your team building experience a memorable one!



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Terrarium Workshop

Ever wanted to learn how to build your own terrarium but unsure how to?
Join our Terrarium Workshop now and learn to make your very own unique terrarium. Let your creative juices flow and create your very own personalised terrarium. Our workshop promises you loads and loads of fun. What’s more, you get to bring home your very own personalised terrarium.

Soy Candle Workshop


Is life getting stressful? Do you feel the need to relax more?

Join our Soy Candle Making Workshops and make your very own Soy Candle. Customize your own Soy Candle by adding relaxing scents and colours. You’ll be able to relax at home with the soothing scents of your Soy Candle after our workshop.

 Leather Making Workshop

How often do you get the chance to create your own stylish, personalized leather craft and also bond with your team at the same time?

Join our Non-Stitched Leather Making Workshop and make your very own leather craft. Non-Stitched Leather Making Workshops, you’ll save yourself from buying everyday leather goods that’ll probably hurt your wallet as you’ll be taught the basic steps of leather crafting, as well as basic techniques of fastening leather offcuts together to form a new product – from leather key fob to earpiece holders, the possibilities are endless!

Art Jamming Workshop

Felt another side of you that needs and wants to be unleashed? Want an outlet break past the bonds and chains of monotony in your office life? Why not try signing up for our very own Art Jamming Workshop today!

At our workshops, we will guide you, entice you and nurture you, to bring out the designer and the artist that lies in you. In fact, don’t just stop at your own personal level, in our workshops, you and your colleagues can come together and express a team effort for your office! Wow yourself as you look into the other side of your colleagues, observe and be amazed by their creative take to the canvas!

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