Eco-friendly Terrarium Workshop Ideas

eco friendly | Ecoponics Singapore | June, 2024

If you’re looking to engage yourself in a meaningful hobby, try our eco-friendly terrarium workshop! We all know that saving the earth is everyone’s responsibility. Here at Ecoponics, with the goal of enriching our communities, we’d try our best to impart our knowledge on saving the earth to the masses.

Some of our eco-friendly initiatives include conducting an eco-friendly terrarium workshop! In this article, we will share some details on how we have conducted such initiatives for our clients. Let’s begin!


Flatten out the soil with a plastic spoon | Ecoponics Singapore | June, 2024

Flattening soil using a recycled plastic spoon. Source: Homedit

  1. Recycled tools – Eco-friendly Terrarium Workshop

Can you believe that we can recycle plastic spoons and wooden chopsticks to create your own terrarium! From our article, “Tools You Can Use To Create A Terrarium In A Singaporean Household”, you’d realize that you can use everyday items to help you make your terrarium.

It’s also a great money saving option as you won’t have to purchase additional fancy tools to assemble your own eco-friendly terrarium. Engage us for our eco-friendly terrarium workshop now!


download | Ecoponics Singapore | June, 2024

Recycled Jam Jar Terrarium. Source: Art Salvage


2. Choice of Bottles – Eco-friendly Terrarium Workshop

You’ll need a container to create your own terrariums! But for a more eco-friendly terrarium workshop option, you can either choose to make your terrarium in recycled plastic bottles or recycled jam jars! This also helps to minimize waste lounging around your tables. Makes a great upcycling initiative too!

If you don’t have your own bottles, we surely can arrange with you! Simply contact us at [email protected] to enquire about options available.

To engage us, do fill in the form below, with “Eco-Friendly Terrarium Workshop” in the message text.

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