3 Recommended Plants for Terrariums

Have you ever had the desire to make a terrarium? Or wanted to understand how a terrarium works, but have no idea what plant would suit an enclosed terrarium? The solution to your problems is here! Due to high-humidity in an enclosed terrarium, it is important to use tropical plants that thrive well in a rain forest. As such, plants like cacti which like drier environments will definitely not survive in an enclosed terrarium. In this post, we’ll recommend 3 different enclosed terrarium plants that are suitable for an enclosed terrarium!

1. Enclosed Terrarium Plants: Fittonia Plant
3 Recommended Plants for Terrariums - Enclosed Terrarium Plants - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024

Fittonia plant, also known as nerve plant, is a common choice of plant for an enclosed terrarium. It is our main choice of plant for our terrarium workshops. The Fittonia is called nerve plant because of its nerve-like pattern on its leaves. It comes in various colours, such as red and white. With a variety of colours, you can choose the colour of your plant according to what design you want for your terrarium, which makes it a very flexible plant. You can actually buy fittonia plants from our online shop here!

2. Enclosed Terrarium Plants: Mini English Ivy
3 Recommended Plants for Terrariums - Enclosed Terrarium Plants - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024

A very aesthetically pleasing plant, Mini English Ivy has leaves resembling maple leaves and can give an elegant touch to your terrariums. Like the Fittonia plant, it comes in a variety of colours, such as gold, white or yellow leaves. What’s so special about the english ivy is that it can go as high as it is allowed. So if you would like to convert to an open terrarium, it will continue to grow out of the bottle!

3. Enclosed Terrarium Plants: Artillery Fern (Pilea Microphylla)
3 Recommended Plants for Terrariums - Enclosed Terrarium Plants - Ecoponics Singapore - 2024

Despite Artillery Fern having the word “fern” in it, it is actually not related to ferns at all and is part of the Pilea family. Artillery Fern got its name from its shape resembling a fern, and the loud sound it produces when it shoots out its seeds. Artillery Fern grows to about 12 inches tall and like the two other plants listed above, thrives even with minimal care, which makes it suitable for an enclosed terrarium.

The above 3 plants mentioned can be found in many farms and nurseries in Singapore and are relatively inexpensive. We hope that from this article, you now have a better idea of what plants to chose for your terrarium. If you are interested in having a terrarium workshop in Singapore, or to to engage us for your event, kindly contact us at [email protected]. Alternatively, simply call us at +65 6553 5663 for a quotation or for any enquiries!

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