Are Air Plants Suitable for Terrariums in Singapore?

Air Plant Terrariums in Singapore

Air plants are very hardy and can survive as long as they have enough sunlight, water and ventilation. This makes them perfect for the climate in Singapore. Air plants generally do well between temperatures of 10-32 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for outdoors, at home or in the office. Bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent lighting will allow the plants to thrive. To water your air plants, remove them from their and mist with water, allowing them to dry before replacing them in the terrarium. With frequent rains in Singapore, you may not even need to water your air plants if they are exposed to mist from the rain.

What are Air Plants?

Air plants, also known as tillandsia, are plants that normally grow without soil while attached to other plants. However, they only use their host as a home to grow on, and not a provider of nutrients. Despite its name, air plants still need water, nutrients and light to survive.  They do not need soil to grow in, as the moisture and nutrients in the air are absorbed through its leaves. They have unique roots that are used as an anchor to attach themselves to objects, allowing them to grow in a variety of locations.

Considering that they are some of the easiest plants to grow, those of you without green fingers are probably wondering if air plants can be grown in terrariums.

Air Plants in Terrariums

The good news is, yes! Air plants can be housed in open terrariums. As they require good ventilation, constantly wet and humid environments such as closed terrariums are less suitable. They do not require soil, but sand or shells can be added as decorations in your terrarium, to imitate the look of soil. If you prefer to keep it simple, air plants look good just hanging from an open glass globe!

Here are some of the creative ways air plants can be displayed in your home or office.

Mini Air Plant Terrarium
Mini Air Plant Terrarium

Image Credit: Sara Gles, Mini Air Plant Terrarium for The City Market Downtown June.30


Image Credit: Val de Marnaise, Tillandsias


tillandsia air plant in a glass globe with small rocks on a table with gardening gloves and shears

Image Credit: ProFlowers, tillandsia air plant in a glass globe with small rocks on a table with gardening gloves and shears


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