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DIY Terrarium Workshop

Looking for a relaxing and therapeutic corporate team bonding event? Our terrarium workshop will be an ideal option. Be it a hanging closed terrarium with moss or cactus, you can make your own mini tabletop garden for your office or home at our DIY terrarium workshop in Singapore!

Do note that a minimum of 5 pax is required to start a class!

Terrarium Workshop Singapore - EcoPonics Workshops - Ecoponics July 2021



You can create your own personalised candle with your favourite colours and scents! There are various options, ranging from soy and gel candles, to choose from!

Have 5 pax and above?



Jam to the music and unwind in our therapeutic art jamming workshop! No artsy fingers required; this workshop is open to everyone.

Terrarium Workshop Singapore - EcoPonics Workshops - Ecoponics July 2021
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Want to try unique fringe activities and other corporate team building workshops? Visit our team building workshop expert, Epic Workshops!

Ecoponics Terrarium Building Workshops in Singapore ― Environmentally-Friendly Way to Connect With Your People

Ecoponics is the biggest name in Singapore for team building activities. 

With regards to arranging bonding activities in family occasions, formal events, or whatever other projects where you need to make a solid perception and holding among the members. 

We accept that arranging group building activities is challenging and you unquestionably need an expert to make it powerful and impressionable. In order to help you accomplish the results that you need from it, we are always at your service. 

We make everything to occur as powerful and knowledgeable by offering various types of assistance like no other ― Ecoponics is currently offering a wide cluster of indoor exercises with a bit of expressions and specialties that would create excitement and make you able to add fun even to the bluntest of occasions. It doesn’t matter whether you want to arrange a corporate event or family event ― we make everything happen.

Get a wide cluster of indoor exercises including terrarium building workshops at restrictive rates… Give us a call and we will arrange a personalized package for you! 

Terrarium building workshops and other indoor exercises by Ecoponics in Singapore ― joining everybody by boosting creative minds and adding fun components in craftsmanship. 

Make a magnum opus with the joint endeavors of your group, relatives, or companions…  

We demonstrate you with a wide variety of options. Now offering people a way to loosen up and get rid of emotional stress with a great deal and packages at affordable prices that can’t be found anywhere else.  

Kids, teeangers, and adults ― everyone can participate, make, learn, have fun, and grow! 

Terrarium Building Workshops as a Group Building Session  

At the completion of this workshop you will have made your own great artwork. You can add your favorite plants and use your favorite plant pot from our wide cluster of alternatives. You can pick any color, and make them a piece of your work of art by adding a touch or personalization ― we will guide you through each step of building. 

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In these cases, family settings are not any different than corporate settings. It means, regardless of whether you feel that you are living among the most cheerful individuals, no one can tell what they are holding in. 

Terrarium building workshops Workshops Serves As The Best Icebreakers In Formal And Informal Events …  

Get everything done with a magic wand ― Terrarium building workshops in Singapore. 

Terrarium building workshops Workshops As a Group Building and Family Bonding Session

From formal courses to easygoing family occasions ― Terrarium building workshops Workshops by Ecoponics are making everything informative, insightful, fun, and stimulating. Terrarium building workshops Workshops are best for everybody.  No matter how old or young they are, what their gender is, or whatever their role is in the organizational setting. 

Terrarium building workshops Workshops are a quite common part of indoor team building activities in Singapore. It is mostly chosen by families, corporates, and schools to introduce a new concept in their systems and bring the members together. 

Book from our broad assortment of group holding meetings in Singapore. 

  • Try not to lose the chance to interface and bond with your colleagues with a wide scope of energizing, imaginative, fun, and innovative group building exercises in Singapore! 
  • Our exercises are coordinated in a promising manner. We help you make each occasion [whether formal or informal] gainful, fascinating, and charming. 
  • We additionally offer modified workshops and exercises in that workshop to show an encounter that you have never had. 
  • Our workshops are designed in such a way that every participant is sure to gain some knowledge and enjoy their time with us. 

The rundown doesn’t end here. We make everything fun, engaging, smart, and enlightening.

Accomplish the Goals, Introduce Fun, and Bond Immensely With Ecoponics ― We Help You Do Wonders Together! 

Terrarium Workshop

Do you want to learn how to make a hanging terrarium with your colleagues in Singapore?

If you are looking for a perfect team building terrarium workshop, you can choose to sign up for our DIY terrarium workshop in Singapore, that too at an affordable price. In the workshop, our trained instructors will guide you on the type of plants to use, such the moss or cactus, understand the properties for each plant and their suitability for an open or closed terrarium and learn more on how to care for your terrarium in Singapore. You will get to customise your very own personalised terrarium and bring it home to spruce up your home. You can also browse our terrarium supplies if you want to make one at home.

It will be a fun, creative and engaging experience at our terrarium making workshop, one of the best you can find in Singapore. Not only will you learn to make your very own unique terrarium but also take the time to bond with other participants, making this a perfect team building workshop in Singapore.

If you are keen to sign up for our team building terrarium workshop, you must inform us of the group size. We require a minimum of  5 participants to start a workshop. Our terrarium workshops for large groups of 50 pax and below are conducted at our studio in Singapore, accessible from Marymount MRT station.

Should you wish to join our DIY terrarium workshop and make some new friends in Singapore, you can sign up for our group workshops. You can also have a one-to-one session with our instructor.

Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] if you want to inquire more about the terrarium workshop and price for each session.

Soy Candle Workshop

Want to create your own environment-friendly scented soy candles? During our hands-on workshop, you can get creative and customise your own soy candle by adding scents and colours of your choice. Be it a basic, advanced or a 2-on-1 scented soy candle, the session is perfect if you are looking for a calming and relaxing experience.

We require a minimum of five participants for each workshop. Workshops for 50 pax and below can be conducted at our studio. Get in touch with us to confirm the quotation, date, time and venue.

Why splurge when you can create your own leather crafts? Join our non-stitched leather making workshop to craft your own leather goods.

The workshop is 100% beginner-friendly. You will learn the basics of leather craftsmanship, design and make your own leather masterpiece. At the end of the session, you will leave with a personalised key case, key fob and coin pouch or a name card holder.

Our workshop requires a minimum of eight participants. For workshops with 50 pax and below, they can be conducted at our EcoPonics studio. Email us at [email protected] for a quotation or any queries regarding the date, time and venue of the workshop.

Art Jamming Workshop

Feel another side of you needs to be unleashed? Channel your inner Picasso onto your canvases at our art workshop today!

This workshop is special. Our instructors will guide, teach and nurture your artistic side. You don’t need to be a brilliant artist to express yourself creatively. Gather your colleagues and join us for a fun and rejuvenating art therapy!

Each workshop requires a minimum of five participants, and can be conducted at our studio for class sizes of 50 and below. Chat with us over email at [email protected] for a quotation!

Stepwise Guide for Booking a Slot With Ecoponics for Team Building Workshops

Ecoponics boasts a unique list of arts and crafts activities that can help you transform the way you interact with your family members and team members. 

If these words click with you, don’t wait too much to book your unique Terrarium building workshops session with Ecoponics. We have made the session of Terrarium building workshops easy and accessible for everyone. If you are interested, you can reach out to us by using different mediums.

Here’s our contact mediums:

Make sure to add following information in the email:
  • Kind of indoor activity or workshop you want to arrange 
  • Schedule details including date and time of the event
  • Venue of your choice 
  • Number of people attending the event 
  • Corporate or informal event
Why Choose Ecoponics?
  • Singapore’s Single Largest Platform for Team Bonding Activities
  • Arranged workshops for many SMBs across Singapore
  • Provided training programs for government organizations 
  • Top rated on Google reviews and Facebook reviews
We are offering following services that you can get yourself and your team or family members registered for:
  • Terrarium Building Activities and Workshops in Singapore
  • Team Building Activities in Singapore
  • Team Bonding Activities in Singapore
  • Candle Making Workshops in Singapore 
  • Science Workshops in Singapore 
  • Arts and Crafts Workshops in Singapore
  • Science Workshops for Primary schools
  • Science Workshops for Secondary schools
  • Science Workshops for Educational Institutions 
  • Science Workshop for Kids and Parents 
  • Different Activities for Primary Classes
  • Terrarium Workshops as a Team Building Session in Singapore
  • Terrarium Building Workshops as aTeam Bonding Activities in Singapore
Remove the Differences Between Everyone With Art Jamming

Tired of conflicts among your team members or family members? Book a slot with Ecoponics now! 

Art Jamming Workshops are a quite common part of indoor team building activities in Singapore. It is mostly chosen by families, corporates, and schools to introduce a new concept in their systems and bring the members together. 

We help you take your conflict resolution skills to a whole new level with our beautifully crafted activities ― doing that no other can in Singapore! 

Terrarium Workshop Singapore - EcoPonics Workshops - Ecoponics July 2021

Regardless of how sound, positive, and flourishing a working environment or family setting is, there is no chance that you can prevent differences of opinions. As it were, debates are a thing even in the most positive of working environments. In order to avoid the clashes and resolve conflicts, you can take a stand as a leader and bring everyone on the same page. 

Whatever the base of the issue is, whenever left uncertain or not focused on, contradictions can seriously influence everyone’s confidence, inspiration, and efficiency. 

In these cases, family settings are not any different than corporate settings. It means, regardless of whether you feel that you are living among the most cheerful individuals, no one can tell what they are holding in. 

Get everything done with a magic wand ― Art Jamming workshops in Singapore.

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