Scintillating Science – How to Make Science Lessons More FUN!

Water Cycle. Fungi and microorganisms. Plant systems. Mention any of these phrases to a primary school student and you’ll be sure to hear a collective groan from them. BUT, learning Science does not have to be so dry and boring! Today, I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can make Science lessons more engaging and enjoyable. Read on to conduct fun Science lessons!

Terrarium Making

The first activity I will recommend is terrarium making. Not only does it allow students to bring home a beautiful terrarium at the end of the day, it also allows students to learn, and to do so in a hands on way! Through a terrarium making session, students will be able to learn about plant systems such as respiration and photosynthesis, and also to learn about the water cycle. With a terrarium, learning will extend beyond the classroom, as students get to bring home their finished terrariums and get to see the processes they learnt about in class taking place in their jars back home. Pretty neat right?

Mushroom Growing

The next activity I recommend would be mushroom growing. In Ecoponics, we conduct Mushroom Growing Workshops where we guide participants through the steps to grow their own Oyster mushrooms. Through this hands-on activity, students will be able to learn fun Science through a unique activity – Growing their own fungus! Now that’s definitely an activity that they will not have a chance to do anywhere else. Through this fun activity, students will be able to learn more about fungi, which ties in closely with their syllabus. Plus, they would be able to harvest the mushrooms and bring them home for a sumptuous meal (yum!)

Alternatively, schools can also take students out on learning journeys, and learn more about science beyond the 4 walls of their classrooms.

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